Best 50cc Chainsaw

Best 50cc chainsaw 2020 Review and Buyers Guide

50 cc chainsaws are somewhere in the middle of being cheap and expensive. Apart from the cost, their power is also something we cannot underrate. Even though they are not the best for heavy-duty logging, they can be useful when cutting trees and firewood in the backyard.

There are different brands and models of saws, therefore, it can be very difficult to choose the best 50cc chainsaw. To make it easy for you, we have written a review and provided you with a list of top-rated 50cc chainsaw engine that you can buy.

We have done the research for you and our recommendation is based on customer reviews. A detailed guide on factors to consider when buying a chainsaw will help you pick the right one from our choices.

A quick overview of our top picks

Name Husqvarna 450 chainsaw -50cc Poulan pro pr5020 review Hitachi cs51eap chain saw
Image Husqvarna 450 chainsaw review Poulan pro pr5020 review Hitachi cs51eap chain saw review
Weight 16 lbs 17 lbs 17.64 lbs
Bar length 20-Inch 20-inch 20-inch
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6 Best 50cc professional chainsaw

Husqvarna 450 chainsaw

Husqvarna 450 chainsaw review
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We can use the following words to summarize Husqvarna 50cc chainsaw i.e.

  • Powerful
  • Reliable
  • Efficient

Husqvarna 450 is the right tool for logging masters who want to take their professional activities to the next level. It is all-around chainsaw with X-Torg engine meaning it consumes less fuel and has reduced fume emission.

For smooth engine startups, this saw has Smart start technology and fuel pump. Another feature that makes this saw easy to handle is an auto-stop switch, mounted chain tension system and visible fuel level.

Once you purchase this machine, you will have the right chainsaw for firewood cutting, bushes clean up in the yard, light tree felling and professional forest logging.

Husqvarna 450 chainsaw specs

  • Guide bar length is 20-inches.
  • Powerful 50cc 2-cylinder engine.
  • 0.50 gauge and pitch is 0.325-inch.
  • Environment friendly i.e. less emission.
  • Less fuel consumption.


  • Easy to start
  • Powerful and efficient 20-inch chainsaw.
  • Best professional chainsaw for heavy-duty logging.
  • Choke/Stop control for quick starting.
  • 2 years guarantee warranty.
  • Has an anti-vibration system for reduced vibration levels.
  • Automatic chain oiler system.


  • Husqvarna 50 chainsaw is quite expensive for someone looking for a home-use tool.

Poulan pro pr5020 review

pr5020 chainsaw review
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Poulan pro chainsaw 50cc is a gas-powered saw that has two powerful stroke engine. For reliable starts, this saw has an effortless pull-start system that has small cord-pulling effort.

To increase the life of the air filter, this chainsaw has a filtering system that also helps in reducing the amount of fuel consumption. Even though this is not the best budget chainsaw available on the market, it is among the top rated saws costing less than 200 dollars.

Pr5020 chainsaw can be useful in completing the following tasks:

  • Tree felling.
  • Cutting firewood.
  • Backyard cleaning.

Product Specifications

  • ¬†Bar length is 20-inch.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Weighs only 17 pounds.
  • Gas-powered 50cc chainsaw.


  • Easy to start and very powerful chainsaw.
  • A lightweight chainsaw that is robust for all job.
  • Low fuel consumption and fumes emission because this saw uses OxyPower engine technology.
  • Choke/Stop control makes this saw user-friendly chainsaw.
  • Easy chain tension adjustment system.
  • Comes with Poulan pr5020 manual that guides you on how to use this tool.


  • It is quite heavy and not ideal for home use.
  • Not ideal chainsaw for mill-use.

Hitachi cs51eap chain saw

Hitachi cs51eap chain saw review
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Hitachi cs51eap is a 20-inch chainsaw with a fire engine built to withstand commercial use and home needs. This saw consumes less fuel but performs better than any other gas-powered chainsaw.

Starting this saw is easy because it has a decompression valve. To make easy cuts, bumper spikes and sprocket nose bar are perfectly in place for simple operation.

Product Specifications

  • 16-inch and 18-inch chainsaw guide bar
  • 7-year warranty.
  • 64 lbs. minimum weight.


  • Has a chain tension system that has sides access with automatic oiler system that is adjustable.
  • Half throttle choke with trigger for quick starting.
  • Air filter tool-less access.
  • Anti-vibration system for operator comfort.
  • Brake handle for safe use.


Tanaka tcs51eap

tanaka chainsaw review
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Tanaka chainsaw 50cc is the right sawing tool for both commercial and home use. This rear handle chainsaw comes with a Pure Fire engine built to withstand serious and tough logging of large trees.

Almost all the reviews of Tanaka chainsaws are positive therefore it seems that every buyer gets satisfied with how this saw performs. The engine is powerful and provides a clean performance with little gas consumption.

Product Specifications

  • Weighs 64 lbs.
  • Gas-powered chainsaw.
  • Guide bar 20-inches.
  • Engine size 50.1 cc.


  • Easy to start tool because it has a decompression valve.
  • Bumper spikes and sprocket nose bar are in place for making cuts easily and added control.
  • Chain tensioning which is easy to access.
  • Adjustable oiler that is automatic for adjusting the amount of oil that flows into the chain and bar.
  • Throttle choke trigger for quick and fast starting and warming up.
  • You do not require any tool to access the air filter.
  • Reduced vibration with anti-vibration system that uses springs. This also increases comfort while the user is working.
  • Double pole brake handle for saw operator safety and easy time while cutting logs or firewood.
  • Depending on your needs you have the option of choosing either 16-inch or 18-inch bar.
  • 7 years of consumer warranty.


  • Quite expensive compared with other 50 cc chainsaws.
  • Oil can leak sometimes.

Echo cs-490 chainsaw

echo cs 490 review
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Echo cs 490 is a 20-inch chainsaw that features a powerful 2-stroke engine making this perfect tool for large landowners, homeowners looking for a firewood cutting saw or farmers who want to limb and cut trees in the backyard.

Product Specification

  • Engine displacement is 50.2 cc.
  • 2-cycle engine.
  • Rear handle chainsaw.
  • Echo cs 490 horsepower is enough for tough cutting.
  • Weighs 10.6 lbs.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • 16-20-inches bar length.


  • Hot or cold easy startups requiring less effort.
  • Easy chain adjustment system.
  • Heavy-duty air filter that has easy access, helps in increasing the life of an engine.
  • To reduce saw user fatigue, this tool has an anti-vibration system that helps in making vibration minimal.
  • Anti-vibration handle.
  • Chain tension system that is too less.
  • Automatic oiler, which reduces the consumption of oil.
  • Has magnesium crankcase is lightweight and durable.
  • The engine is chrome plated to increase its life.


  • There can be delayed starting back up due to starting and stopping throughout the day.

Makita dcs5121reg

Makita 50cc chainsaw review
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Makita dcs5121reg chainsaw has a high power to weight ratio. Easy starts make this chainsaw perfect for all home and commercial applications.50 cc engine delivers enough horsepower and speed need for tough cutting.

This saw has reduced vibration therefore; you do not get tired easily when operating. During cold weather, a slide-out baffle is configurable for efficient operation.

Product Specifications

  • Weighs 9 lbs.
  • Chainsaw dimension 10 x 19.3 x 11.9 in.
  • 50cc engine with 3.3 Horsepower and 13,800 RPM.
  • 18-inches bar length.


  • Chips clearing is easy from the chain compartments.
  • Advanced anti-vibration system for reducing saw vibration.
  • A perfect saw for trimming and cutting therefore ideal for homeowners.
  • Has a chain brake that is durable with 2 points.
  • For operator comfort, the saw is engineered with round surfaces that are smooth.
  • Oil and fuel tank has large openings for quick operations.
  • Chai tension system is lateral for quick adjustment.
  • Chain lubrication system adjustable for easy operation.


  • Does not comply with CARB regulations.

Dolmar ps 510 chainsaw

dolmar chainsaw review
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Dolmar 510 chainsaw has an 18-inch bar and 3/8th pitch. This is the right professional-grade class saw with a 50 cc engine and metal crankcase. It is a new saw with modern technology and redesigns for quick performance.

Product Specification

  • 50 cc engine with 3.2 Horsepower and 13500 rpm.
  • Weighs only 12.1 lb.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • 18-inches bar length.
  • Oil tank capacity is 9.1 oz.
  • Fuel tank capacity 15.9 oz.


  • Tool-less air cleaner.
  • Easy to use external sprocket.
  • Power to weight ratio is super light.
  • Anti-vibration features to reduce fatigue.
  • Chain tensioner that is easy to adjust without tools.


  • Quite expensive

What to consider when buying a professional chainsaw

Ergonomic Design

We can consider ergonomic as ease of use and we can declare a chainsaw well ergonomically designed after looking at several features. For example

Front and rear handle

Both front and rear handles of chainsaw should provide soft grips that enable you to work comfortably without getting tired. A good handle should enable you to make cuts in all positions without getting fatigued.

Vibration, noise, and cold

Some of the ways of reducing vibrations in modern chainsaws is separating the engine and cutting parts using damping springs. Purchasing good gloves that have damping material helps in further reducing the vibration effect to minimal. It is very important before purchasing a chainsaw to consider the one with anti-vibration system that reduces vibration effect. Most chainsaws costing under 500 dollars and over 400 dollars come with safety measures that reduce vibration.

Most gas-powered chainsaws are very noisy and they can lead to partial deafness according to Tandfonline. A good professional chainsaw should produce less noise therefore; you may not even require buying ear protectors even though they are very important for safe operation.

Modern chainsaws have heated handles with the adjustable heating output so that they can keep the hands of a person operating saw warm and enhance blood circulation.

Safety features

Chainsaws are very dangerous working tools due to their sharp high speed rotating chains. Depending on the positions your working with the saw, there is imminent danger. One main cause of chainsaw accident is a kickback. Special design and safety features are integrated into most chainsaws to reduce chances of accident.

Best 50cc chainsaw should have the following safety features.

  • Chain brake-This feature protects the chainsaw user left hand and chain in case of a kickback. When chain brake is pushed forward by the hand wrist, it stops the chain in a second before there can be damages.
  • Chain catcher-The main function of this feature is to catch a broken chain before it fly away injuring the saw operator.
  • Right-hand guard-Helps in protecting saw operator right hand from a flying chain.
  • Safety switch-Near the right thumb is a stop button useful in turning off the chainsaw anytime while working.
  • Trigger locker-Useful in preventing accidental chainsaw activation.

Bar length

Picking the right bar length is very important because it determines the saw cutting capability. Most home use chainsaws perfect for light pruning and tree branches limbing have guide bar lengths between 10 and 16-inches.Someone looking for a heavy-duty professional chainsaw should consider buying a 20 or 24 inch chainsaw to be able to cut huge tree logs.


If you have gone through this article, it is easy to pick the best 50cc chainsaw available in the market. Our recommended top pick is Husqvarna 450 chainsaw. We chose this model because of several reasons:-

  • This chainsaw is tough therefore perfect for both commercial and home use.
  • It is made by one of the top chainsaw brands, therefore, more durable and capable of withstanding tough cutting.
  • Uses X-Torq engine that consumes less fuel and produces high power.
  • Bar length is 20-inches capable of cutting all tree trunks.

Even though this is a tool is quite expensive it is worthy spending money on. However, if you are looking for a cheap chainsaw for home cutting firewood at home you should purchase Poulan pro chainsaw 50cc. It has positive customer reviews and costs less than 250 dollars.

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