Best cabinet table saw under 1000

best cabinet table saw under 1000
Complete best cabinet table saw a review

There are various types of cabinet table saws, which are under 1000 dollars. The different choices can overwhelm you especially when you do not have key guiding factors. It is because of this reason that we have compiled some of the best cabinet table saw under 1000.

We understand that even if you are a DIY home person or professional carpenter, you need a portable cabinet table saw that will cater for current and future needs. We also believe that the critical success of any woodwork project that one undertakes solely depends on the tools that you have at hand. Tools determine how fast and easy you are able to execute the work. For example, a person working on a tiling job, you require to have a wet tile saw so that you can accurately make your cuts on the tiles while fitting them.

In case you are in a hurry, look at below comparison table of the three best table saws under 1000

Name Dewalt dwe7490x Rockwell rk7241s table saw Makita table saw 2705x1
Image dewalt dwe7490x table saw rockwell rk7241s table saw review makita table saw 2705 review
Weight 58 pounds 88.2 pounds 145 pounds
Blade size 10 inches 10-inch 10-inch
Power source corded-electric corded-electric corded-electric
No Load motor speed 48000RPM 48000RPM 4,800 RPM
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

Factor to consider when buying a cabinet table saw

Our review process is based on the following key features, which guided us in deciding which the top best table saw under 1000 dollars.


Cabinet table saw prices vary when it comes to various saw models and make. Depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend you can find the right table saw that can be productive. We recently reviewed Best Table Saw under 500 and we found some good choices. However, I think a good table saw is a bit pricey above 2000 dollars. You should not consider the price of a table saw and overlook quality and safety features integrated in a saw.

Extra tools

Some table saws come packaged with more extra tools than others do. If you keenly review table saws, you will realize you are required to buy stand whereas others come integrated with mobile four-wheeled stands that make it easy to move the table saw.

Other extra tools are like miter gauge which is useful when making miter cuts and push stick for moving a workpiece on the table saw.

Size and weight

Cabinet table saw size and weight are two key features that go hand in hand. Generally, a big size cabinet table saw must also be very heavy. For someone who is looking for a mobile contractor table saw, you need to choose the one that can be moved easily from one worksite to another. The size also of a table saw determine the amount of storage space you will require.

If you are a DIY person, most probably you require a portable lightweight cabinet table saw that you could easily transport and set up alone.

Blade type

Two main types of table saw blades are rip and crosscut. Comparing the two, rip blades have a less number of teeth’s and wide gullets, which means they have more room for dust. These types of blades are not suitable for making fine cuts. Crosscuts are the most used blade types of for making accurate fine cuts.

Another type of blade, which is very important for someone buying a cabinet saw, is dado blade. Dado blades are widely used by carpenters who are making cabinets and furniture. If you are going to use the dado blade, you will have to buy a table saw with enough horsepower and arbor for dealing with dado cuts.

Safety features

We cannot end talking about cabinet table saw key guiding features without talking about safety features. According to Statista, the number of amputations which are related to the table saw injuries in the USA stands at 4700 in 2015. The number must have risen in 2019.

table saw accidents

When operating a table saw, you need to clearly understand safety features that are integrated internally. Your cabinet table saw choice should be based on the safest tool to operate. Below are some of the safety features you should check out.

Anti-kickback pawls

Most of the table saw accidents are kickback related. Anti-kickback pawls are used in reducing accidents that occur because of kickback.

Pawls are made using spring metal grabs, which have teeth’s on the edges. These pawls are added just after the riving knife. The main work of these pawls is to hold the workpiece and preventing it from being moved towards the saw operator hence injuring him/her.

Blade guard

The blade guard is a useful safety feature because it covers the blade while making cuts. There are no chances of a blade coming near your flesh. A good blade guard should be transparent so that you can clearly see how the table saw is cutting the workpiece. Make sure you look for a model with a blade guard that is easy to remove especially when adding a dado blade.

Riving knife

Another safety feature for preventing kickback is a riving knife. This sits behind and at the same level as a blade guard. It is important to purchase a modern table saw that has a removable blade guard and a riving knife.

Now that we know the key, guiding factors that we need to consider when buying the best cabinet table saw under 1000, it is time to dive into details and review our top saws.

Top-rated 7 cabinet table saws

Below is a detailed cabinet table saw reviews and links to check the current price on Amazon.

Dewalt dwe7490x

Dewalt dwe7490x table review
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Ever heard of a cabinet table saw with a scissor stand, Dewalt dwe7490x is an example of a portable job site table saw with a scissor stand. After doing a thorough comparison and reading positive customer reviews, this table saw is the best cabinet table saw under 1000 because of several reasons, which we will detail here.

The first thing you will note once you buy dwe7490x is its cutting capability. This table saw comes with a powerful motor, which is 15 amp and makes 48000-RPM producing high torque power, which is capable of ripping sheet and trimming hardwoods. Some of the applications which you can use this saw are like doing finishing work and framing.

Apart from having a powerful motor, this table saw has rack and pinion fence rails, which are key features in ensuring the saw performs its work with accuracy. Staying parallel to the table saw blade, the fence is adjustable.

At the back and front part of the saw is a unique fence design, which eliminates chances of fence drift. If you are going to make crosscuts, you do not have to be worried because Dewalt dwe7490x table saw comes with a miter gauge.

The on/off switch has a safety cover which needs to be lifted up before you can turn the table saw on. Shutting the table saw is also easy because there is a bump pad.

Do you know that most cabinet table saws when cutting narrow pieces you have to deactivate blade guard. This is not the case with dwe7490x table saw because it has a flip over fence. Flip over fence apart from using it when ripping narrow pieces, it is also useful when you have a wide piece of material to cut. It helps in supporting the workpiece by locking it in a lower position.

Onboard accessory storage can be very useful in storing some of the tables saw parts like blade guard. When making dado and cross cuts, blade guard has to be removed. You can add it again when making straight cuts. You can spend a lot of time looking for the blade guard if it is not stored properly. Another saw that compares with this tool is Dewalt Dwe7491rs

 Other Key features

  • Comes with dust collection port, which is 2.5 inches.
  • The guarding system which is modular for adjusting tools
  • Telescope fence, which makes 24-1/2 inch rip capacity.


  • Airflow is improved.
  • Delivers electronic feedback.
  • Heavy-duty table saw.
  • Faster fence adjustments using rack and pinion fence rails.
  • Large table for supporting material.
  • Onboard storage for storing table saw accessories.
  • Folding stand, which is compact for easier storage.

 Rockwell rk7241s table saw

 Rockwell rk7241s table saw
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If you are looking, the best cabinet table saw that is powerful, makes precise cuts and portable you have to consider Rockwell rk7241s table saw. This is a very versatile contractor or Jobsite tool. Several features make this saw stand out from others. The cutting capacity cannot be compared with other ordinary 10-inch cabinet table saw available in the market.

To provide wide rip cuts, this table saw has 30-inch fold-out fence, which comes integrated with laser guide so that you can make accurate and consistent cuts. The main work of the laser is realigning the blade angle in case it is beveled.

Rockwell table saw parts are readily available online in case your table saw breaks. You can always refer to the saw manual also, that comes packaged with the saw.

Rockwell table saw fence helps in making wide cuts and maximum rip capacity. Transporting Rockwell rk7241s table saw from one Jobsite to another is very easy because this saw has an extended leg, which acts as pulling handle. The built-in wheels make this saw very mobile.

 Key features

  • It is a portable 10-inch table saw capable of cutting a 4 by 4-lumber piece.
  • With 90 degrees you can make maximum cuts of 3-9/16 inches and for 45 degrees you can make 2-9/16 inches.
  • Powerful 15 amps motor.
  • Motor no-load speed is 4800 RPM delivering enough torque for ripping tough material.
  • Enhanced dust collection ports, which are 2-1/2 inches.


  • Stand with wheels for easy transportation.
  • Laser indicator for adjusting blade tilt.
  • Comes with a trolley stand that has been assembled.
  • Arbor lock, which allows quick and easy blade changing.


  • The unstable fence there great caution to be taken when making a move.
  • Changing blade bevel is hard and requires a lot of effort.

 Makita table saw 2705×1

Dewalt dwe7490x table review
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Makita is a worldwide company known for its powerful and quality tools that they make. Actually, this company makes some of the best cabinet table saws available in the market. Today we will review the Makita table saw 2705, which is a great powerful tool reviewed positively by several customers.

For easy transportation from Jobsite, this table saw has a portable stand. Combining the ease of use features and large cutting capacity, this table saw can be used for various applications.

The blade guard system is tool-less and is adjustable on both sides to allow quick measurement for quick cutting. At the tabletop is a large working space, which is flat for providing enough workspace. The table can be extended so that you can increase cutting capacity.

Key features

  • Comes with miter gauge T-slots for precise cutting.
  • The motor power rating is 15 AMP.
  • Motor no-load speed is 48000 RPM.
  • At 90 degrees the saw is capable of cutting 3-5/8 inches and for 45 degrees it is 2-1/2 inches.
  • Comes with a 13/16-inch dado blade.


  • Miter gauge has also grooves for supporting the material you are cutting.
  • The rip fence is capable of sliding for precise adjusting.
  • On and off switch which is large.
  • Has an easy to read scale.
  • Comes with on-board storage for small tools.
  • Powerful portable table saw perfect for Jobsite.
  • Anti-kickback pawls and riving knife for safety.


  • A poor dust collection system

 Skilsaw spt99-11

 Skilsaw spt99-11 table saw review
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You may have heard about worm drive table saw but you have never used one. The different between worm drive saws and circular saws is that the blade is positioned in front of the motor to deliver more torque. We thought it was necessary to add a worm drive table saw in our list and we chose a Skilsaw spt99-11 table saw.

Several factors made us pick this heavy-duty worm drive cabinet table saw. This saw has a powerful motor which delivers enough torque that easily rips any wood material easily.

To make accurate and smooth cuts in a quick way, this portable cabinet table saw has a rack and pinion system which enables the user to make fence adjustments.

Once you purchase this saw, you will have no worries about how you will move it because it has a rugged stand which has 16 inches wheels. The wheels are capable of rolling over any rough or uneven surface with ease. Ideal application for this table saw are such as ripping and crosscutting.

Key features

  • Capable of handling tough material without bogging down because it can make 3-5/8 inch deep cut and 30-1/2 inch rip capacity.
  • Comes with a powerful 15-amp motor capable of ripping tough materials like plywood etc.
  • The motor speed without load is 5000RPM.
  • Rolling stand with 16 inches wheels.


  • Easy fence adjustments with rack and pinion system.
  • Easy to transport because it has a rugged rolling stand.
  • Dust port for cleaning up the work area.
  • Left support and outfeed for making large cuts.
  • Has built-in left side for cutting large pieces of material.


  • Lever lock angle does not work properly.
  • Quite expensive.

Shop fox w1837

Shop fox w1837 review
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Looking for the best cabinet table saw for the money, then you should purchase Shop fox w1837 contractor saw, which is easy to carry from one Jobsite to another. It is a lightweight cabinet saw with several safety features.

Dust control is made easy because this saw has a collection port. Another safety feature is anti-kickback pawls which position the workpiece. The blade guard can be changed quickly with ease.

The riving knife offers protection in instances where you will have to remove the blade guard. The base of this table saw is mobile and provide a stable base of working. Vibrations can be absorbed by the robust cast irons trunnions.

The saw blade is capable of tilting from left to angle between 0 and 45 degrees. This tool can be used to make bevel, compound miters, and chamfers cuts.

Other key features

  • 4-inch dust port, which keeps your work area clean.
  • This table saw can rip 30 inches on the right of the workpiece and on the left 15 inches.
  • Powerful 15 AMP motor.
  • The motor power ratings 15 amp.
  • Motor no-load speed is 3450 RPM.
  • Has 40-tooth carbide-tipped saw 10-inch blade.


  • Clear blade guard which allows the operator to watch blade cuts.
  • Anti-kickback pawls ensure the workpiece moves in one direction.
  • Front and rear locking with lift-off fence.
  • 2 years guarantee.
  • Can make dado cuts.
  • Onboard storage for storing shop fox w1837 accessories.


  • Does not come Shop fox w1837 manual.

Ridgid r4512 table saw

ridgid r4512 review
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Most woodworkers try to search for a used cabinet table saw before they can think of buying a new one. Ridgid r4512 is a robust and compact table saw designed for both DIY amateurs and professional woodworkers.

Most cabinet table saws have a heavy bottom, which makes them immobile. This is a different case when it comes to Ridgid r4512 saw because it has a base with wheels. The wheels make it easy to move this tool from one Jobsite to another. The base is also made using strong cast iron which is heavy to increase stability and balance while working.

Another great feature I love about this cabinet table saw is onboard storage, which makes it easy to organize Ridgid r4512 accessories in one area.

In terms of power and cutting capability, this saw is undoubtedly the third most powerful in our list of the best cabinet table saw under 1000. We cannot talk about cutting capacity of this saw without first looking at the motor. This table saw is powered by a powerful 13 amp motor with a no-load speed of 3450 RPM which is enough speed for ripping any tough material you can encounter in a home setting. It is important to note that this table is not suitable for use in a busy Jobsite with heavy-duty work to be performed.

Cabinet table saw user safety has been considered by adding necessary features. For example, this table saw comes with a transparent blade guard which not only prevents the blade from ripping your flesh but also giving you a chance to see what you are cutting. Anti-kickback system is also another added safety feature which prevents kickbacks. To understand how this tool works, you can refer to the Ridgid table saw r4512 manual which comes with the package.

Key features

  • Powerful 13-amp motor with a no-load speed of 3450.
  • 10-inch blade diameter.
  • Has a 30-inch rip capacity on the right and 15 inches on left.
  • Capable of making dado cuts with a capacity of 13/16 inches.
  • Has a 4-inch dust port for collecting all the waste material from the table saw.


  • It is portable and mobile.
  • Easy to use the table saw.
  • Has a cast iron table which reduces vibration.
  • Rip fence guides the user to make precise and smooth cuts.
  • Built-in accessory slots.


  • Not spacious as one would expect.
  • Suitable for light jobs, not heavy-duty daily use.

Milwaukee 2736-20

Milwaukee 2736-20 table saw
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This is the only cordless table saw we have on our list. You can consider buying a battery-powered table saw if you are like to work in places without electricity. The table saw generates a power of 15 Amperes and has a rip capacity of 21-1/2 inches.

Milwaukee 2736-20 cordless battery-powered table saw is a tool for professional carpenters and contractors who needs a powerful tool for productivity and portable for easy storage.

To make accurate and fast adjustments, this table saw has a rack and pinion fence system. This saw has also onboard storage for organizing all the accessories you need while working. Safety features in this cabinet table saw include a blade guard and riving knife.

Key features

  • Powerful motor with a no-load speed of 5800 RPM.
  • Capable of ripping 4X8 sheets of plywood.
  • 15-amp saw with rip capacity of 24-1/2 inches.
  • Maximum bevel cuts of 47 degrees.


  • Powerful batteries for higher performance.
  • Safety features like a free guard and riving knife come integrated into this saw.
  • Comes with an onboard store for tools like miter gauge and push stick.
  • Table saw compatible with all M 18 batteries.


  • The 12-amp battery lasts for only 2 days.


We cannot force you to buy any cabinet table saw; however, we can make recommendations.

Considering the table saw portability, ease of use, cutting capacity and power, Dewalt dwe7490x stands out because of the following reasons:-

  • It is the lightest weighing only 54 pounds.
  • Most positively reviewed table saw.
  • The only table saw with Site-Pro modular guarding system which is a great safety feature.

It is my hope this article will help you in choosing your next cabinet table saw. All the best and stay safe while ripping materials.

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