Best chainsaw for firewood for 2020

best chainsaw for firewood
Guide for buying a chainsaw for cutting firewood 2019 review

A chainsaw is a very vital household tool that every homeowner looks forward to buying. It is more useful for people who mostly use wood for heating and cooking in their homes, therefore, they search for the best chainsaw for firewood when buying.

You may think it is a simple task buying a good chainsaw for firewood but it is a daunting task, that  why we have written this review for you. In this article, we will guide you on what to look for when buying a chainsaw and what not to consider. We will also recommend some of the brands of chainsaws suitable for cutting firewood.

Without doing good research and comparison well, you can easily buy a mediocre chainsaw that cannot even be able to handle chores you undertake at home. Most buyers ask themselves this one big question “What is the right chainsaw”. Do not worry because we are going to give you the answers. Below are the top 3 firewood chainsaws we have picked.

Name Worx wg304 Makita uc4051a chainsaw Black+decker llp120b
Image Worx wg304 chainsaw makita uc4051a black and decker alligator
Weight 11.3 pounds 14 pounds 6.8 pounds
Bar length 18-inch 16-inch
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What is the best size chainsaw for firewood

Worx wg304

Worx wg304 chainsaw
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This electric chainsaw is easy to carry and maneuver but still powerful in cutting trees, slicing large logs, etc. It is the right chainsaw that you need to keep your yard clean by having a tool that is capable of operating for long hours clearing bushes and cutting tree branches that can be used as firewood.

Some saws have tightening problem, however, Worx 18-inch chainsaw chain automatic tensioning system prevents it from becoming overtight.

To prevent kickback and enhance operator safety, most of the Worx chainsaw including this one have chain brake.

Product Specifications

  • Comes with 18-inch guide bar.
  • Powerful 15.0 Amp motor is powerful for all home cutting.
  • Oil tank capacity of 200 ml.
  • 3 years warranty guarantee.
  • Weighs 11 lbs.
  • 4 peak horsepower.
  • Worx wg304.1 manual guides you on how to operate this saw safely.

What we like

  • Perfect small chainsaw for firewood that is tool-free i.e. you do not require any tools to change the chain or its tension.
  • To extend the life of chain and bar, this saw has an automatic tensioning system.
  • Base with all-metal dogs that increases stability while working.
  • Sprocket is easy to add lubricants.
  • A powerful tool capable of doing tough home jobs.
  • Gas free operation environment.
  • Automatic oiler to provide lubrication on both chain and bar.
  • Oil level indicator.
  • Has built-in safety features like chain brake etc.
  • For optimum user control and comfort, while working, this chainsaw has ergonomically designed rear handle.

Makita uc4051a chainsaw

Makita uc4051a chainsaw
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Makita uc4051a is a heavy-duty chainsaw that is designed for efficient and fast cutting of trees. The tool is easy to maintain and does not require the hassle of looking for gas while working. The motor of this chainsaw has a current limiter that is used to reduce the power getting in the saw when it is overloaded. This feature protects the chainsaw motor from being burnt out.

Every Makita chainsaw has an electric chain brake that helps in increasing productivity. Additional features that make this tool easy to operate is automatic oiler, which is very important especially when undertaking continuous and heavy cutting projects. The oil has also a large reservoir and a transparent window for checking its level.


  • Motor speed is 2900 FPM perfect speed for firewood cutting.
  • 16-inch blade bar.
  • Weighs only 14 pounds.
  • 1-year warranty.

What else we like

  • Rubber grips handle with ergonomic design increases the comfort of operating this chainsaw.
  • For quick and easy start-ups, the saw has a large switch trigger
  • You do not require any tool to adjust Makita uc4051a chain therefore easy to maintain and operate.
  • Does not emit therefore less maintenance cost.
  • Spike bar metal is large for more productivity.

Black+decker llp120b

Black+decker llp120b chainsaw
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Black and decker alligator is a tool for someone looking for the best chainsaw for cutting firewood. This is an ideal saw for cutting small trees and branches less than 4-inches. You can easily cut tree branches in small pieces after a storm that has felled trees in your backyard.

Black+decker llp120b alligator lopper cordless is capable of providing enough power for cutting woods fast because it has a heavy-duty bar and chain. The jaws are innovatively designed for easy grabbing and cutting of tree branches in one single easy motion.


  • Requires powerful 20-volt Max lithium-ion battery.
  • The battery retains charge 5x times longer than other ordinary batteries.
  • For every batter charge, this chainsaw can make 150 cuts of 1-1/2-inch branches.
  • Lighter battery weight with 50 % less.
  • The whole chainsaw weighs 6.8 pounds.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

What else we like

  • It is among the best professional logging chainsaws that are cheap and affordable to every homeowner.
  • The saw is compatible with 20v lithium battery.
  • Heavy-duty bar and chain for cutting trees and branches.
  • Increased safety with dual-hand switch, which you have to activate before the chainsaw can start.

Scotts LCS31224S chainsaw

Scotts LCS31224S chainsaw
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Scott’s cordless chainsaw is a less popular tool among buyers and very few recognize how powerful and efficient this tool can be. It comes with a 24V lithium-ion battery that recharges very fast and always ready for use.

Actually, this chainsaw is dependable and it is capable of making accurate, clean, fast cuts using its 12-inch Oregon bar combined with its chain.

Key Features

  • Has an automatic oiling system with a transparent window for checking the oil level.
  • No tools required in adjusting chain tension.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Chainsaw for firewood that is perfect for small jobs.
  • While not using the saw, bar and chain have plastic blade cover for protecting them.
  • The handle is rubber molded for a secure grip.
  • Compatible with most 20-volts lithium-ion batteries.
  • 3-year warranty for the saw.
  • 1-year battery warranty.

SereneLife PSLTLL1516 Corded Chainsaw

SereneLife PSLTLL1516 Corded Chainsaw
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Another best firewood chainsaw perfect for cutting trees and branches in the garden is SereneLife corded saw. This tool is easy to use and it has made landscaping very easy for some homeowners.


  • 8A power output.
  • Blade size is 12-inches.
  • Has a chain gauge that is 0.05-inches.
  • 3/8 inches chain pitch.
  • Speed of operation is 3800 SPM.
  • Power source 120V.
  • 10ft long power cord.

What else we like

  • Chain tension adjustable without tools.
  • Simple and easy operation with plug-in power cord.
  • Comfortable handle for easy control while working.
  • Has metal alloy blade for tough cutting and pruning.
  • Safety lock that prevents accidental switching on.
  • Oil container that is integrated for lubricating the chain.
  • Powerful cutting motor.

Sun Joe swj699e

Sun Joe swj699e chainsaw review
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The only clean and green way of cutting trees and pruning branches in your backyard is by using Sun Joe swj699e electric chainsaw. This saw has a 9-amp powerful motor that is perfect for light woodcutting. You can cut and slice tree branches that up to 13.5 inches thick.

To prevent accidental starting, this tool has a built-in safety switch. It is lightweight weighing only 7.7 lbs therefore perfect for easy movement around the garden while working.

What we like

  • Comes with 14-inch bar and chain.
  • Powerful 9-amp motor.
  • Perfect for pruning and trimming tree branches.
  • Chain lubrication system that is automatic.
  • Easy to use chains.
  • Free maintenance cost.
  • Easy start-ups with one push button.

What to consider when buying a chainsaw for cutting firewood

chainsaw for cutting firewood
A pile of firewood :Photo by Olia Gozha on Unsplash

To split firewood with chainsaw you require either to buy or rent this tool. It is useful in every homestead. Below are key guiding factors that you should consider when buying a chainsaw.


Sometimes, we get limited by the amount of funds that we have. Even though some of the best chainsaws cost over 200 dollars, you may not be willing to spend such huge amount of money, therefore, you can go for other brands of saws that cost less than $100.

However, I would not recommend you to buy a cheap chainsaw that is less powerful while you want to use the same for tough logging in the forest. Most of these cheap saws are only suitable when they are chainsaw for firewood.


During the log cutting session, even a 10 pounds or 15 pounds chainsaw can feel so heavy. Ease of use and handling of the chainsaw is dependent so much on its weight. A light chainsaw can be operated easily especially when cutting tree branches.

However, if you need a powerful chainsaw for serious logging and cutting trees you may have to put up with heavy ones, which are mostly gas-powered.

It is also important to note that chainsaw cutting power is not dependent on its weight.

Length of the guide bar

The guide bar length determines what chores you are capable of performing using a chainsaw. For example, a guide bar that is 14-inches or 16-inches is suitable for light firewood cutting in the backyard.

If you want to buy professional logging chainsaws, you will have to buy a saw that has a guide bar length of at least 18-inches.


When buying any power tool, may it be a miter saw, table saw and even chainsaws, its capability to withstand rigorous working conditions is very important. If it cannot, the tool is likely to breakdown very fast and it will not be able to cater for your work needs.

A chainsaw that is not durable is a worthless tool that cannot be useful in performing different tasks at home.


Most buyers do not find this as an important factor. It is better to buy a chainsaw saw from a manufacturer or a brand with a good reputation. The most popular tried and tested tools have more customer reviews online.

Some of the best brands are Stihl chainsaws and Husqvarna chainsaws. Even though they come with a higher price tag compared with other chainsaw brands,   they are my choice because they are capable of performing various types of tasks other than just cutting firewood at home.

Another reason why you should consider the manufacturer is because of warranty and customer support varies depending on the saw brand. If you buy a chainsaw from popular brands, it is easy also to replace worn-out tool parts that can be available in your nearby local store.

Frequently asked questions

How big of a tree can a 16 chainsaw cut?

This question is the same as asking if it is possible to cut a large tree using a small chainsaw. It is possible to cut a big tree using a 16 chainsaw however, you have to be a professional logger with tricks in cutting trees.

A 16-inch chainsaw is not the right tool for cutting a big tree. These types of chainsaws are suitable for light or moderate cutting for example pruning, cutting small trees and branches in the backyard. Mostly, homeowners who are looking for a multipurpose tool for use at home own these chainsaws. They are usually light in weight and electric powered.

For heavy-duty cutting and logging, you will have to buy a chainsaw with a guide bar at least 20-inches in length. Some of the heavy-duty chainsaws are gas-powered and they are heavier compared with electric chainsaws.

Can you put a bigger bar on a chainsaw?

The answer is simple. It is a Yes and NO.

Most of the best chainsaw for firewood have bar length between 10-inches and 20 inches. However, Husqvarna 460 chainsaw is capable of taking up to 24-inches guide bar. This same chainsaw is capable of taking any guide bar that is 13-inches or 24-inches long.

To be able to handle certain bar length bars, a chainsaw need to have enough power otherwise the tool will be underpowered and it will not be able to operate perfectly. Below is a table of bar length and different gas , electric chainsaw can take.

Chainsaw power size Guide bar length in inches
Gas:            32cc – 42cc 14-16
Gas:            45cc – 50cc 18-20
Gas:            51cc – 60cc 20-24
Battery:       56-80 Volt 16-18
Battery:       36-40 Volt 12-16
Battery:       18-24 Volt 10
Electric:      12-15 Amps 16-18
Electric:      8-10 Amps 10-14

Table source:

Not all chainsaws are flexible, i.e. ability to handle different guide bar lengths. Some saws come integrated with cutting components and they have no room for different bars.

If you want to buy a chainsaw that can take different bars, make sure you read out customer reviews or chainsaw operator manual.

How do you tell if a chainsaw bar is worn out?

Guide bars are very important components of any chainsaw. They join the chain that does the actual cutting to a high speed rotating motor. Most saw operators pay very little attention to bars because they think they are less important. For efficient, stable and guided cutting, the bar should be in a good condition otherwise it could derail your limbing and logging projects if it is worn out.

There are several ways in which you can tell if the chainsaw bar is worn out. You will lose cutting accuracy and efficiency. What you used to cut easily will now take you a long time even if your chain is sharp.

Another way of checking the state of the bar is chain tension. If the chain is, loose and wiggles from side to side then the guide bar is worn out.


Our favorite chainsaw for cutting firewood 2019 is Worx wg304 because it is more powerful compared with other saws we have reviewed here. This tool also has more positive customer reviews and available customer support willing to help you when you have a problem. However, this is not the cheapest model for you. If you want a cheap chainsaw for home use, you should consider Black+decker llp120b. It is also easy to use because it has innovative jaws that grab tree branches.

There are different other chainsaw models that you can buy. We hope this article will make it easy for you in making the right decision because we have highlighted key factors to look for.

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