Best chainsaw under 200 review of 2020

best chainsaw under 200
Here are best chainsaws you can purchase for less than $200

If you only have 200 bucks to spend on a chainsaw and you are looking for best chainsaw under 200, you are in the right place. We have done all the analysis for you. We have written a review for five chainsaws that will not disappoint you.

Our picks are from quality brand names with most sales and positive customer reviews. Chainsaw power and cutting capability are also very important. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a heavy-duty chainsaw you will need to spend more than 200 dollars.

If you are in a hurry below is a table of affordable chainsaws you can purchase for home use.

Name Black and decker 40v chainsaw Remington rm4216 Husqvarna 120 gas chainsaw Worx wg322 20v cordless chainsaw Poulan pro 50cc chainsaw
Image  Black and decker chainsaw 40v review  remington rm4216 gas chainsaw review husqvarna 120 chainsaw review worx 20v chainsaw review poulan pro 20 inch 50cc chainsaw review
Weight 10.4 pounds 22 lbs 9.3 lbs 6.19 lbs 17 lbs
Power source 1 Lithium ion battery Gas Powered Gas Powered battery-powered gas-powered
Voltage 40 Nil Nil 20 volts Nil
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We have combined both battery-powered and gas-powered chainsaws you can find on the market. Before you can even purchase a chainsaw, you should first understand what features to look for.

What to consider when buying a chainsaw

There are several factors that can help you choose the right chainsaw even if its best chainsaw under 200 or under 300. Apart from the cost, below are other factors that are important.

Safety features

Your safety while using a chainsaw is very important. According to Americantreeservicesupply  more than 30,000 injuries that occur in the USA are either caused by gas or electric chainsaw. Some are very serious the victims end up being amputated or even die. For example, a fatal accident happened to a celebrity golfer Greg Norman who was lucky to have a left hand after an accident.

Therefore, your safety while using a chainsaw is very important. You should look at the following chainsaw safety features.

Anti-vibration handle-Chainsaw vibration has serious effects on the user. If you use a chainsaw that has a lot of vibration you are likely to suffer a condition called “vibration white finger”. People who suffer from this syndrome have problems like loss of muscle control e.g. finger numbness. Other safety features that you should check in a chainsaw are:-

 Stop button

The chainsaw stop button should be positioned in place you can easily stop it with ease in case, there is a danger.

Chain brake

One of the greatest danger of working with a chainsaw is when you experience kickbacks. They happen when something comes into contact with the bar tip which causes it to climb upwards and it gets thrown backward by the chain rotating at high speed. Chain brake should be in place to help you stop the rotating chain in case of a kickback.

Chain catcher

A chainsaw that is not maintained well may break off and jump. The work of chain catcher is to protect the person

using the chainsaw from getting hurt.

Right-hand guard

Perfect for protecting your fingers in case the chain jumps offs or breaks.

Throttle lock

Use to prevent throttle operation that is accidental.

Engine power type

This is a very important factor to consider also. There are different types of chainsaw engines. Example;-

Gas chainsaw

These types of chainsaw have their engines powered by fuel. Their size is usually measurable in cubic centimeters (cc). The higher the number, the more powerful the saw. Mostly chainsaws used at home have their engine between 24 cc and 46 cc.

Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaw power is measurable in Amperage or Amps(A). The more the Amps a saw has the more powerful the saw.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

Battery-Operated chainsaw power is measurable in Volts or voltage. The higher the volts in a chainsaw the more it is powerful . Most commonly used battery is a lithium-ion battery.

Chainsaws for only $200 you should buy

Below is a detailed review of the 5 best chainsaws available in the market. We did our research before writing this article, our choices were greatly influenced by the saw price and customer reviews at the time of writing.

Black and decker 40v chainsaw

Picture of Black and decker 40v chainsaw
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Most people use a chainsaw for cutting firewood and other light tasks. One notable feature I love in black and decker electric chainsaw is 40 volts lithium-ion battery, which is very powerful and capable of running for a very long time. Actually, it is one of the best cordless chainsaw under 200 available in the market.

Tired of purchasing 2 cycle fuels chainsaws, this is one of the top-rated chainsaws, however; you will need to lubricate the chain and Oregon 12 bar to keep the chainsaw in good working condition.

Chain tightness can be controlled by a locking knob and black bar to achieve the right tension. You may be wondering if it is hard to activate this chainsaw, it is easy by just inserting a 40-volt battery that has a charge. Once you have the battery in right place, you can pull back the lock-off button using your thumb and pull also trigger.

I have read my Black and decker chainsaw 40v review but most people fail to comment about this saw handle which is made of plastic which presents an ergonomic grip. If you have a problem adding oil to a chainsaw, with black and decker, it is easy. You just need to remove the fill cap and pour the oil as you check on the side windows, which have translucent material.


  • Comes with a 40-volt lithium battery.
  • It is a cordless chainsaw.
  • Low kickback bar and chain for smooth cuts.
  • Quick and easy chain adjusting.
  • It is lightweight therefore easy to use.
  • Automatic bar and chain lubrication system.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Battery charging green LED indicator.


  • No blade brake.
  • Plastic bucking spikes.
  • The oil cap needs a strap for avoiding losing.
  •  Takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Remington rm4216

A picture of Remington rm4216 chainsaw
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Remington rm4216 gas chainsaw is for someone looking for the best gas chainsaw under 200 that is more versatile and powerful with a 42 cc engine. It comes with a 16-inch bar and sprocket tip which helps in reducing frictions. Less friction around the bar allows easier chain movement, therefore, improving the gas chainsaw performance, which is very important.

This saw is specifically for cutting and pruning small to large size branches because it has a low kickback chain. According to the user manual, you are advised to cut logs that are less than 12 inches in diameter.

Even though it’s not a lightweight chainsaw compared with other gas-powered, the handles are ergonomically designed with both anti vibrating system and cushion wraps, which protect your hand.

RM4216 is a good chainsaw for homeowners who are looking for a powerful chainsaw for DIY tasks at home. The chain speed is over 20m/s, which is a perfect speed for any gas chainsaw in the market compared with electric chainsaws that have speeds less than 15 m/s.

You can easily adjust the chain tension by using side screw on Remington chain saw. Tensioning prevents the chain from slipping away from the bar and ensures the chainsaw operates perfectly.

Just like Black and decker, 40v chainsaw also comes with automatic oil, which is adjustable. This oiler ensures the bar and chain are lubricated to reduce friction which can reduce chainsaw performance. It is an all-season chainsaw, which is durable powerful with lasting power.


  • Comes with heavy-duty carrying case
  • Durable therefore perfect gas chainsaw for a homeowner.
  • Automatic bar and chain oiler.
  • Quick start 42cc engine, which is powerful.
  • Sprocket tip bar, which is 16 inch-perfect for trimming and pruning branches.
  • Anti-vibration and cushion wrap.
  • 2-cycle oils on purchase.
  • Free spark plug and filter
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Perfect cuts.


  • Noisy chainsaw because it is gas-powered there you need to protect your ears.
  • Heavy gas chainsaw.

Husqvarna 120 gas chainsaw

A picture of Husqvarna 120 gas chainsaw
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This is a small lightweight chainsaw for a homeowner looking for a powerful tool for day-to-day cutting tasks. It weighs only 9.3 lbs. making this saw the best women’s chainsaw you can find in the market.

Husqvarna 120 comes with a 38.2 cc gas engine, which has an X-Torq feature making this chainsaw use less fuel and make less carbon emission and noise. This saw can be useful at home to prune trees and other light wood cutting tasks.

The fact that it is the lightest gas chainsaw; you are capable of climbing a tree with it and prune branches that need to be cut.

Using Air Injection technology, this chainsaw has the capability of increasing air filter and engine oil. This technology uses a method called centrifugal separation, which is around the flywheel. All large debris is captured by this method before they can even get near the air filter, which is delicate.

What the work of flywheel? You must be asking yourself that question. Flywheel is useful in cooling. It has fins, which suck all the air to cool the cylinder. It is important to note that engines that operate under good room temperature are capable of having a longer life.

Husqvarna 120 chainsaw has also several safety features. There are a separate choke, engine start and stop buttons, therefore, there is no possibility of damaging the engine in case you press the choke button several times. The start and off button is clearly marked.

Apart from the chain safety, also your own safety is catered for in this saw. There is a chain brake which is inertia activated located on the front. In case there is a stray chain, which could cut your hand or leg, a chain catcher does the work. Apart from that, there are bucking spikes that are not made of plastic but old metal so you do not have to be worried about the chances of a chainsaw slipping away from what you are cutting.

The chainsaw handle is ergonomically designed for getting a perfect grip on your hands even if you are tall or short. This saw also has less vibration and its the right chainsaw you should have in your home because it is easy to start and easy to use.

Husqvarna 120 mark ii specs

  • 8 horsepower.
  • 59-pint gas tank.
  • 2 cc engine.
  • Weights 9.3 lbs.
  • 32 x 9.2 x 10.7 inches in dimension.


  • Air injection cleaning system improves the engine life by removing all the debris that would reach the air filter.
  • Consumes less fuel.
  • Less emission of fumes.
  • Choke/stop button combined together eliminates chances of engine flooding.
  • Vibration is low.
  • Lightweight chainsaw perfect for all day-to-day use.
  • Compact and starts easily.
  • Comes with a safety brake that is built in to reduce risks in case of a kickback and others.
  • Ergonomic handle that is gives a firm grip.
  • For effective use, this chainsaw has an oiler which automatically lubricates the chain.
  • You can make quick tension adjustment because this chainsaw has a simple tension system.


  • You need a sharpener because the chain becomes blunt easily.
  • Not perfect for cutting large tree or branches, it is less powerful.


Worx wg322 20v cordless chainsaw

A picture of Worx wg322 20v cordless chainsaw
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In case you are looking for the best chainsaw under 200, which is cordless, Worx wg322 model, is an ideal one for you. This chainsaw is best all-around chainsaw for a homeowner looking forward to performing simple tasks like pruning and cutting firewood with its 10-inch blade.

In terms of performance and ease of handling, this machine is light and compact with ergonomic handle. Any branch that is 6 inches in diameter can be cut easily. However, this machine can also extend its cutting to 8 inches in diameter branches. If you try cutting large pieces of branches or logs, you will realize the battery gets drained firsts since the saw is straining to cut. The 10-inch small guiding bar also prevents you from cutting large wood sizes.

Another feature I love in Worx 20v chainsaw is chain speed and specifications. The chain speed is 12.5 feet’s/second and this determines this saw cutting capability. It is important to ensure the chain is tight because they lose tension on regular cutting.

This machine has a rear handle and front handle, which is half-wrapped, which makes it easy to use. For easy access to the oil tank, the cap is positioned slightly behind the handle. You can also manage to keep an eye on the amount of oil you have in the reservoir by checking a window on the other side.

Just like most electric chainsaws models, Worx wg322 20v cordless chainsaw is made using plastic, which is hard and helps to keep this saw weight minimum.

Worx wg322 20v cordless chainsaw tension and auto-oiling is another feature that you will love in this saw. You will not waste time oiling the chainsaw and guide bar because that is done automatically by an oiler.

It also comes with a Li-Ion battery, which is durable. It takes only 5 hours to full charge and can run for one amp for 2 hours.

To wide up, this machine also has safety features. For example, there is a lock button, which needs to be depressed before this saw can start. On front and back, there are handguards, which protect your arms from getting hurt by debris that can come flying. Bar and chain are well designed to prevent any kickbacks and bumper spikes are in place for providing stability on the wood while cutting. In conclusion, actually, this is the best gas chainsaw for under $200 and lightest weighing only 6.19 lbs.


  • Easy to start and use.
  • Comes with batteries that can interchange.
  • It is very light.
  • Capable of turning this chainsaw into a pole saw.
  • Automatic oiling allows chain and bar lubrication.
  • Has a battery indicator for checking how long it can last.
  • Oil level indicator.


  • Oil can leak if not stored properly.
  • Charging time need to upgrade and take less time.

Poulan pro 50cc chainsaw

A picture of Poulan pro 50cc chainsaw
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This is the last machine in our list of best chainsaw under $200 that we will review. Even though it is last, it is a powerful chainsaw and the price is affordable for homeowners. However, is Poulan pro-20-inch 50cc chainsaw the right one for you? Below is a detailed review that will help you to decide if you should buy this machine.

First thing, every person looking forward to buying a chainsaw looks at the engine size, which determines cutting capability and power. Poulan pro 50cc comes with a 50cc Duralife engine, which has cylinders with chromium plating making them stronger and resistant to pressure, damage and wears.

To minimize the power and energy that is used during starting, this saw utilizes a pulling system which requires less effort. If you have ever used a gas chainsaw before, you know how it can be frustrating wasting a lot of time and energy starting the saw

Another factor that determines this saw cutting capability and safety is the chain bar and chain brake. It comes with a 20-inch bar and a chain for light tasks at home. If there is a resistance that can cause a kickback, chain brake driven by inertia will stop the saw preventing the chain from hurting you.

To keep the chain and bar lubricated this saw has automatic oiler which gives you a peace of mind by not worrying about chain oiling.

According to Poulan pro 50cc chainsaw manual, one of the easy ways of damaging this machine is operating it while the air filter is clogged. For easy routine checkups, you can remove the air filter by just turning a knob. Your saw engine is also safe because there is an air filter system, which is very superb in trapping, dust and large debris. The air filter system also helps in cooling the engine saw by allowing free clean oxygen in and out of the engine compartment.

Poulan pro 50cc handle is ergonomically designed to reduce vibration effect. It is important to note that there are health risks of using a chainsaw that has a lot of vibration.


  • A powerful chainsaw is yet very affordable.
  • Lightweight, weighing only 17lbs.
  • Uses Oxypower engine technology, which ensures less emission and fuel use.
  • Easy to start.
  • Choke/stop buttons reduce the risk of engine flooding.


  • Choke feature does not work well.


For someone looking for the best chainsaw under 200, the price is very important. It is my hope this article will help you in choosing the right chainsaw you need for home use or business-related. Always remember to check saw safety features because that really matters a lot. Engine power is also very crucial since you will not be happy to purchase a chainsaw that cannot complete a task using less time. Below are some of the related questions that you may need to know the answers. Check more saw reviews 

What size chainsaw do I need to cut down a tree?

chainsaw near a fallen tree
chainsaw near a fallen tree

Actually one of the hardest tasks for someone who has never used a chainsaw before is finding the right size chainsaw. If you do not know what to look for you can make a wrong purchase.

Chainsaw size, weight or price cannot determine the cutting capability. Chainsaw bar length and engine size or power determine cutting capability. If you want to cut down trees that are huge, you need to look for a saw with bar length that is long.

Most chainsaws for homeowners have bar ranging between 6 inches especially in electric ones and 20 inches for large chainsaws that are gas-powered.

Chainsaws that have bars ranging from 6-18 inches are perfect for pruning small and large branches which are over 20 inches are capable of felling large trees. For commercial use, choose chainsaws that have bar lengths longer than 20 inches; however such saws are hard to use because they are also heavy.

Which chainsaw should i buy

Before you can even ask yourself what chainsaw you should buy, first determine if the saw is for commercial use or home use.Is the saw for cutting tree branches or felling trees. With that in mind,  you will be capable of finding the best commercial chainsaws or homeowner’s chainsaws for light tasks. Check saw engine size and bar length because that what determine cutting capability.

If the saw is for pruning branches while you are on top of the tree, chainsaw weight is also very important. Actually Worx wg322 20v cordless is the lightest battery-powered chainsaw.

What the difference between Electric vs gas chainsaw

Electric chainsaws use the battery while gas chainsaws use gasoline to run the engine. The engine size of a gas saw is labeled in cubic centimeters(cc). The bigger the cc number the more powerful the engine and consumes more gas.

Electric saw engine is measurable in Amps. A powerful electric saw engine has more Amps. Each of these types of saw has its drawbacks. For example, gas chainsaws are heavy which make you get tired when using them while electric chainsaws are light, you can easily run out of battery charge while using it.


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