Best saw horses for 2020-Ultimate Buyers review and guide

best saw horses
A detailed review of best sawhorses 2019

In this post, we have gathered some of the best saw horses and reviewed them giving all the important details required by a buyer.

However, what is a sawhorse? According to Wikipedia, a sawhorse or saw-horse is a beam that has four legs or more and is used to support a board or a plank of wood when sawing. We can also define a sawhorse as a rack for supporting logs of wood when sawing.

Sawhorses are a very important and extremely very versatile tool that is useful in a home setting or even in a workshop. If you need to cut pieces of wood using a  miter saw or any other type of tool you will automatically need to use a saw-horse.

Choosing the right saw horse cannot be an easy task especially if you have never used one. There are basic factors that you need to consider before you a make choice. Most buyer’s especially DIY people only know that they have to buy a tough built sawhorse or in other words heavy-duty and forget to look for key features.

Our Top four picks 

Name Keter folding work table Black and decker workmate 125 Worx pegasus multi-function work table Rockwell rk9002 jawhorse
Image keter folding compact workbench black and decker workmate 125 review pegasus folding work table & sawhorse rockwell rk9002 jawhorse
Weight 29.95 lbs. 17.8 pounds. 28 pounds 43 pounds
Load capacity 1000 lbs. 350-Pounds 1,000lbs 600 lbs.
Is it foldable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Material Heavy-duty resin and aluminium legs Steel frames
Dimensions 85.0 X 55.0 X 75.5cms 33.3-by-5-by-5 inches 31”x 25” or 725 sq. in., 32” height 39 inches by 39 inches by 34 inches standing;
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Here are sawhorse reviews

Below is the list of 10 best sawhorses.

Keter folding work table

Keter folding work table review
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This is where compact meets portability, steady and sturdy. There is no other top-rated folding work table other than one made by Keter. Keter folding compact workbench provides a sturdy portable work table that can be used to do various types of projects.

It is a saw-horse that even professional woodworkers or hobbyist can count on. The durable legs made of steel help in providing the support necessary while performing any types of tasks.


  • Worktable capable of holding up to 1000lbs of cutting material.
  • Has 2-12 inches clamps.
  • It has heavy-duty resin and aluminum legs.
  • A quick opening system that is unique.
  • Big size work table measuring 0  by 55.0  by 75.5cms

What you will like

  • A portable workstation that is foldable.
  • It is rust resistance.
  • Made using resistant to dents material.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Can be transported easily.

Black and decker workmate 125

black and decker workmate 125 review
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If you are a serious craftsman, you definitely need black and decker workmate. It weighs only 17.8 pounds and it is among the top-heavy duty saw horses you can find in the market. This worktable can hold up to 350 pounds therefore suitable for a wide range of projects.


  • Large workbench measuring 33.3 by 5 by 5 inches in size.
  • The saw horse weights 17.8 pounds.
  • Feet have non-skid features for preventing sliding.
  • Four swivel pegs.
  • 2-year warranty.

What I love in this sawhorse

  • Made using durable steel frames.
  • Capable of folding flat for easy storing.
  • Has adjustable swivel pegs for clamping workpieces with irregular shapes.
  • Compact and lightweight sawhorse.
  • Can accommodate different types of projects.

Worx pegasus multi-function work table

Worx pegasus multi-function work table review
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There is no other way of tackling various projects at home or in the workshop other than using an innovative Worx pegasus wx051 table. It is a versatile worktable can be converted to a sawhorse in few seconds. If you own other Pegasus table you can join them to make a large work area and have a double clamping system in place to hold all the objects together.

Worx wx051 pegasus folding work table provides a large surface measuring 31X25 and is capable of supporting a large load up to 3000lbs. If you’re working with heavy materials, the unique link-lock system ensures your workpiece is held tightly and it cannot buckle.

Another feature that will impress you in this worktable is two adjusting bar clamps that slide along the tabletop channel. You will realize that they actually act like a set of hands that are in place to hold straight-edged materials in the right place while cutting, painting or doing other tasks.

Across the tabletop, four holder pegs can be rearranged to hold objects of different shapes. The clamps can be removed easily and folded down to make a sawhorse that is capable of supporting a load up to 1000lbs. The Pegasus is in the sawhorse mode, there are indentation wells that are designed to hold a workpiece firmly so that you can work safely.

Comparing worx pegasus vs keter, we conclude Pegasus is more compact and lightweight meaning you can easily transport the tool from one worksite to another easily.


  • Table size 31”x 25” or 725 sq. in., 32” height.
  • Weighs about 30lbs.
  • Worktable capable of supporting 300lbs while sawhorse up to 1000lbs.
  • Legs lock for additional security.

What you will like

  • Versatile worktable that easily converts to a sawhorse in seconds.
  • Compact, lightweight and foldable
  • Has a lower shelf for holding tools for easier accessibility.
  • Easy to store because it folds into a small size therefore perfect for those who have small garages.
  • A perfect tool for craftsman, woodworker or hobbyist.
  • Designed as a collapsible workbench

Rockwell rk9002 jawhorse

Rockwell rk9002 jawhorse
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Willing to own a sheet master, which is a portable workstation and then you have to purchase Rockwell rk9002 jawhorse. This tool has a wide range of capability. It is capable of holding one ton of clamping force and more.

I actually love the all-steel construction design that is portable. It has also a foot pedal that is for hands-free clamping. Lock-release switch allows easy material locking such as plywood making Rockwell jawhorse more reliable and convenient jobsite tool needed by every woodworker.

Here are some of the features I love 

  • Power to clamp– Rockwell rk9002 is capable of clamping any material that you can lift. It has powerful clamps that firmly secure your workpiece and your hands can be free to hold a circular saw or even a chop saw. This tool is also capable of clamping wide items like doors and a full sheet of plywood because it is 49 inches wide.
  • It is a versatile workbench– Talking of versatility; this sawhorse will get your work from the ground up to a comfortable height for easier operation. You can easily clamp any type of workpiece into the Jawhorse and you will have awesome workbench that is sturdy for operating even when using tile saws and other types of cutting tools. Actually, this is the only sawhorse that is capable of operating in all types of terrains because it has a tripod base and front legs have holes that allow fastening.
  • Perfect for aggressive work-If you want to bend or straighten a metal, Jawhorse is the right tool. It is made using tough solid steel and it has more clamping power, 10 times compared with a regular sawhorse.


  • Capable of clamping workpieces between 0 and 49 inches.
  • 8×4-plywood sheet.
  • Has one ton of clamp force.
  • Can support a load up to 600lbs.
  • Hands-free and versatile workstation for holding, clamping and supporting materials.
  • It folds easily for easier storage and transportation.
  • It is an all-terrain jawhorse because it has front scooter wheels.

Dewalt dwx725 saw horse

Dewalt dwx725 saw horse review
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Dewalt saw horses if even they are not the best in the market, this one is heavy-duty and compact in design to allow easy storage and transportation. 

Key Features I love

  • Can handle tough jobs with a load capacity of 1000 pounds.
  • Made using light aluminum and weighs only 15.4 pounds.
  • Firm legs that provide required support. They also fold for easy storage.
  • Legs have lock levers that allow fast and easy setup.
  • The pair of stands can be transported easily because it has a Transport Latch.


  • Tool weight 15.4 lbs. and shipping weight is 22.4 lbs.
  • A tool with is 36” and height 32” when extended whereas when folded it is 36” in width and 7” in height.

Trojan ts-35 sawhorse

Trojan ts-35 sawhorse review
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Trojan tall sawhorse is a very simple but tough, strong and most rugged tool you can find on the market. The design is simple and very fast to set up. You can increase it length by using twoX lumber.

If you purchase this sawhorse, you will not have worries about cutting into sawhorse or making your blade blunt by running it over the thick steel.

It is capable of folding for easy storage and sawhorse legs are capable of maintaining a sturdy worktable even in bad terrain. The coating is also capable of lasting for several years.

What else i like

  • Has gripping teeth, therefore, does not require screw or nail to set up.
  • 1/8 inches steel construction.
  • All-terrain sawhorse.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

2×4 sawhorse brackets

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Hopkins 90196 Pro Brackets is ideal sawhorse for home hobbyist who loves working on small projects by themselves. I love several things in this tool.

What I love

  • Adding 2X4’s increases, its size and makes a strong customized sawhorse.
  • It is 8 feet long and 4 feet high.
  • Can support load up to 2000 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble using a screwdriver.
  • Has brackets made of heavy gauge and structural resin.

Hitachi 115445 folding sawhorses

Hitachi 115445 folding sawhorses review
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This heavy-duty sawhorse is capable of holding a load up to 1200lb. It is lightweight and can be moved from one job site to another easily.

Hitachi green sawbucks can be used to support the flat side of 2X4 and the work area can be extended to support 4X8 sheets. For additional storage, this tool has built-in cord hooks and shelf for users.

What else about this sawhorse

  • Indentions for supporting  2 inches thick lumber.
  • Package includes two sawhorses and four sawbucks.

Worx clamping sawhorse set wx065

Worx clamping sawhorse set wx065 review
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Key features

  • Comprises of two durable sawhorses made using thermoplastic polymer material.
  • Supports up to 1000lbs.
  • Has two detachable bar clamps.
  • It is foldable therefore convenient in transportation and storage.
  • Built-in storage tools i.e. shelf and cord hooks.
  • 18-inches clamping width.
  • When folded depth is 2.5 inches.

Rockwell rk9003 jawhorse

Rockwell rk9003 jawhorse review
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Key Features

  • Helps to support your workpiece and frees your hands.
  • Clamping force up to 1 metric ton.
  • Safely holds your project off the ground for comfortable working.
  • For rigidity and strength, the steel is solid.
  • Foot pedal level helps in creating a workstation where the user’s hand are free.
  • Portable and easy to store because it folds easily.

Sawhorses buying guide

To buy the best saw horse for the money, you first need to understand what you really need then you can go shopping. Actually, you can purchase them online for example by searching saw horses amazon you will get various types.


Traditional sawhorse material is wood. Actually, it is very easy to make one provided you have the required materials. Wooden saw horses are made using hardwoods are strong and sturdy. They are capable of withstanding forces that come with doing most DIY projects at home.

Apart from wood saw horses, there are other types. These are plastic sawhorses and metal saw horses. Steel made sawhorse are stronger and are capable of holding large pieces of lord up to 1400 lbs in weight. What most buyers do not understand is that whatever type of sawhorse you choose, the maximum load capacity indicated is always true and exact.


Automatically the reason why you are reading this article is to ensure you get the value of your money by purchasing what is right for you and most affordable. Depending on the amount of money, you are willing to spend on a sawhorse rest assured you can always get the best sawhorse.

Plastic sawhorses are the most inexpensive and you can actually acquire one costing between $20- $30.The sawhorse will be compact, foldable and lightweight because it is made out of plastic. If you want daily heavy-duty saw horse you will have to dig deeper in your pocket because metal sawhorses are sturdier and tough for hard jobs, this makes them more expensive.

Before deciding on how much to spend on a sawhorse, understand how you are going to use it. If you are an occasional user, you just need to buy folding sawhorses that are easy to store and a plastic one suits you well.


If you have gone through our sawhorses 2019 review, you will realize that most jawhorse have an average height of 30 inches. However, this does not mean sawhorses have the same height. Their heights can vary between 40 inches and 20 inches, therefore, it is very important to know the sawhorse before you hit the order button.

Adjustable saw horses are the best because they have the option of adjusting height which is dependent on the person height or project one is working on. Spare your spine by determining the right height for your sawhorse so that you will not bend your back while working.


All buyers actually want to purchase portable saw horses that are easy to store and carry. Best saw horses should have folding capability to reduce them in size and take less storage space. We cannot talk about portability without looking at sawhorse mobility. If the sawhorse is heavy, it should have wheels for easier transportation. Make sure also, you check the sawhorse weight capacity.

What features does good saw horse have?

Best saw horses have the following key features:

  • High load capacity.
  • They are foldable.
  • Capable of adjusting i.e. in height and their work area space.
  • Easy to set up and bringing them down.
  • They are portable and easy to transport.
  • Heavy duty and capable of withstanding different types of project that a serious craftsman may encounter in a jobsite.
  • Comfortable when working on them.

Different types of sawhorses

A sawhorse is a very important tool for all people working with saws. It looks very simple and basic in structure but they differ depending on the material they are made from. The types of sawhorses common among most users are:-

Wooden saw horses

wooden saw horse
Example of a traditional wooden sawhorse : Photo by Maxim Abramov on Unsplash

These are the most widely used types of sawhorses for several reasons .I.e.

  • They are easy to make at home using wood materials that are wasted.
  • Wooden saw horse is more reliable and flexible.
  • You can work without worrying about damaging your saw blade because if you accidental cut the sawhorse it is a wood and saw blade cannot get blunt or break.
  • It is easy and cheaper to repair a wooden sawhorse at home by yourself without needing any help.
  • Their parts can be replaced easily.

Metal saw horses

Metal sawhorses are not very popular, especially among home DIY people. It is hard to make them locally using available materials. Comprise of tough heavy-duty metals like steel and they are widely used in industries.

They are not suitable for cutting pieces of wood but more useful when cutting metals. They have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, they are capable of lasting for years if stored properly to avoid rusting. Disadvantages include-

  • They cannot be repaired easily.
  • Compared with wooden horses they are heavier.
  • Purchasing metal sawhorses means breaking the bank i.e. they are more expensive.
  • More heavy.

Chainsaw sawhorse

These are heavy-duty sawhorses, which are designed to hold large logs of trees while cutting them using a chainsaw. If you are a serious logger you need these sawhorses because they will prevent you from sawing the ground or cutting materials that you do not intend to cut. You can actually avoid accidental kickbacks when you have your log raised of the ground and you can see what you are cutting.

Lightweight Sawhorse

I do not actually think this is a sawhorse category but a characteristic. Nevertheless, Most sawhorses are designed to be functional and little effort is put in to make them light in weight. However, there are sawhorses that are light and easy to carry around,you just have to do the search properly when buying.


We cannot decide for you what to buy but our main objective was to guide you on the best saw horses available in the market. There are a lot of factors that we have highlighted and they should help you in making the right decision. Remember saw horses are very important tools especially if you are a serious woodworker or logger because they make work easier and you do not get tired while working.

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