Best table saw under 500 of 2020

best table saw under 500
This is Ozito 254mm Table Saw

Finding the best table saw under 500 should not be a hard task even though there are a variety of saws, you have to make the right decision. Spending over or under $500 on a table saw means you should choose the

In this article, we will help you out. We will review some of the top 10 rated hybrid table saw that can help you in choosing the right tool suitable for your needs.

Generally, our review process involves rigorous testing of all the table saws using different scenarios to determine how precise, versatile, safe tool is while working. Our main aim is to determine what is best for you and ensure you get the value of your money.

If you hurry, you can have a look at below table of top three best table saw under 500 dollars.

Name Bosch gts1031 Skilsaw spt70wt-01 Hitachi c10rj 10
Image Bosch gts1031 review Skilsaw spt70wt-01 review Hitachi table saw c10rj review
Type Jobsite Portable table saw Jobsite
Weight 57.3 pounds 49 pounds 96 pounds
Blade size 10 10 10
Power source corded-electric corded-electric corded-electric
Motor power 5000 RPM 5300 RPM 4500 RPM
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

What to consider when purchasing table saw

When purchasing any type of saw e.g. tile saw, reciprocating saw there are several factors you should put in consideration because they help you in getting the value for your money. Below are some of the factors you should look into to determine the best table saw for the money.


Table saw size and weight are very important. A light table saw is easy to move from one workstation to another without requiring much labor. They can be also easy to set up using less time compared with heavy big table saws.

The huge hybrid table saws will also occupy a large space in the storage room compared with the portable table saw under 500. Perfect weight for a table saw should be between 45 and 50 pounds and anything above that is a huge heavy one.

Table saw safety features

According to there are over 30,000 table saws injuries reported annually. Parts of the body that are frequently injured are fingers and hands. Common injury with more reports is Lacerations. Every year, over 2 billion dollars are spent treating people who have a table saw injuries.

Looking at the above data, the table saw safety features are very important. They should actually determine which saw you purchase. Some of the safety features that should look for are flesh detention, guards to prevent kickback, etc.


Buying a complex saw does not mean more performance. A table saw especially for home use should be easy to set up and use. A good table saw should have clear functions and easy operating procedure. A saw bench should also come with a user manual to guide you on troubleshooting in case there is a problem or replacing worn-out parts like the blade.

Bench saw power

Do not just go for the best buy table saw and forget the cutting power. The determinant of saw cutting power is motor. A powerful motor is capable of delivering more work especially for someone looking for a contractor table saw. Rip and depth capacities is another feature that is critical. This determines if the saw can effectively deliver without comprising on the quality of the cut.


When looking for a high-quality saw bench, it is very important you have a budget range in mind because it will help you in narrowing down the options you have. Combining other factors you can easily determine which model suits you and within your price range.

Warranty and customer support

This is the last factor you should check. A bench saw should at least have one or two years warranty so that you will have it replaced in case it breaks down within the period. You can determine how the company handles customers by checking how the model has been reviewed.

Now that we know what to look for when purchasing a table saw, let us review some of the best cheapest table saw available in the market.

Best portable table saw under 500

Bosch gts1031 review

picture of Bosch gts1031 review
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Looking for a portable and durable job site table saw, Bosch gts1031 is the right choice for you. Under one package, this bench saw provides a one-hand carry handle and it has a lightweight base that is all steel.

Some of the safety features integrated by Bosch is a modular smart blade guard system and square Lock rip fence. Rip fence will enable you to make rip cuts that are  42 inches. The fence is perfectly placed to lock so that saw blade it can stay parallel which allows you to deliver cuts very fast. Under the table is a tool storage cabinet that you can use to store borsch gts1031 accessories.

Cutting capability of this table saw is designed to withstand heavy-duty jobs. Powerful motor and a strong blade are capable of cutting any type of wood even hardwood you are working with. Comes with a free chute to clear the dust on the back of the bench saw.

Other Specifications

  • Portable and easy to move around the job site with one hand-carry handle.
  • Long-lasting steel base capable of withstanding any work conditions.
  • Precise cutting features like Square lock rip fence.
  • Anti-kickback safety feature added using Smart Guard.
  • Powerful motor delivering 5000 RPM.
  • Comes with a 10-inch table blade saw with 24 teeth’s.
  • Under table storage for accessories.
  • Capable of making bevel angles ranging between -2 to 47 degrees.
  • Weighs only 52 lbs.
  • Packaged with Bosch gts1031 manual


  • Can handle any type of wood.
  • Firm steel base.
  • Several safety features.


  • It so loud when operating.

Skilsaw spt70wt-01 review

picture of Skilsaw spt70wt-01 table saw
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The only worm drive table saw available in the market is Skilsaw spt70wt-01, which is made for ripping. The worm drive gear produces power and torque that is capable of ripping any material that you throw at this saw without having a problem of bogging down.

This saw has a very powerful Dual field motor that is 15AMP and 5300 RPM, which is enough power to rip a full sheet of plywood. The motor is also capable of running for a very long time making cuts while remaining cool.

You can make precise and accurate cuts using a rip fence, which can align itself easily. Integrated into SPT70WT-01 is a 24-tooth blade, which is tipped with carbide.

Some of the safety features in this saw is a guard system for anti-kickback, which ensures you are safe.

Other specifications

  • Adjustable bevel cuts within range of -1 degree to 46 degrees.
  • Capable of making 3-1/2 inch deep cuts.
  • Can make 25-inch rip capacity.
  • Comes with a powerful motor, which is 15-amp and has a load of 5300 RPM.
  • Made using durable steel, which is capable of withstanding any job site conditions.
  • Underneath the table is storage for keeping Skilsaw table saw accessories.
  • Backport for connecting the saw with sawdust clean up.
  • Weighing only 49 lbs. makes this table saw lightweight and portable for carrying from the storage to job site.
  • Skilsaw table saw fence for making accurate cuts.


  • Compact and portable saw.
  • Powerful to take any ripping job.
  • Guard system for safety.
  • Capable of taking hard cuts without bogging down.


  • Does not come with a stand.

Hitachi table saw c10rj review

Picture of Hitachi table saw c10rj table saw
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Comparing Hitachi c10rj 10 with the other two saw we have reviewed above, this is the heaviest table saw of all weighing 96 pounds. Despite that, there are some features that made this saw make it to our top 3 list. One feature is a powerful motor, which is 15-Amp and is capable of generating 4500 RPM, which is enough power for ripping through any hardwood that you can come across in a busy job site.

To enable you to make precise, accurate and smooth cuts in a fast way, this saw comes equipped with a rip fence that is adjustable with a rip capacity of 35. A large tabletop measuring 22X28-3/4 gives you enough space for working around.

Using this table saw, you can make various wide range cuts. To ensure the user is safe, increase production this saw has electric brake and it is easy to start. The fact that you can roll and fold the saw stand is another feature that makes this saw portable, convenient and very stable.

You do not have to worry about Hitachi c10rj accessories because the on-board storage has enough space to ensure the tools you need are in the right place where you can reach them easily. Unable to do Hitachi c10rj troubleshooting you can always refer to the manual which is packaged with the saw. In case there is a total breakdown, this tool has a 2-year warranty, therefore; you can get a replacement very fast and go on with your work.

Other specifications

  • Powerful 15 AMP motor with 4500-RPM power for tough ripping.
  • Has 10 inches blade tipped with carbide with 40 teethes.
  • Beveling range between 0 and 45 degrees.
  • Wide range cuts between 3 -1/8 and 2-1/4 for 0 and 45 degrees respectively.
  • Large working tabletop measuring  28 3/4 inches x 22 inches
  • To support 35 and 22 inches, right-left ripping capacity this saw comes with telescope table extension.


  • Has rear outfeed which offers support when cutting huge material.
  • Starts softly reducing noise and recoiling.
  • Additional features like an electric brake, which stops blade rotation in seconds.
  • The stand is durable, stable and capable of folding for easy storage and moving from one job site to another.
  • The strong stand also ensures the saw does not wobble therefore you can make precise and accurate cuts.
  • Bevel adjusting knobs are in place just in front of the cabinet so that you can easily access them.


  • Hitachi c10rj fence upgrade cannot make precise cuts like other models.

Dewalt dw745s table saw

Picture of Dewalt dw745s table saw
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DW745S is a 10-inch compact saw that is durable and portable in size perfect for any job site work. This saw has a powerful motor that is capable of rotating at high speed producing enough power for ripping large cutting material.

One advantage of the Dewalt table saw dw745 is that you can easily transport it and set it up anywhere without having its problems. The saw weighs less and with a good base, which ensures a firm grip on the worktable, therefore, no wobbling which can affect your cuts.

It is super easy to use this saw and requires very little operating space. For someone looking for an entry-level table saw, this is a perfect choice for you. Integrated into this saw are several safety features, for example, guard system, blade guard and miter gauge, which ensures your safety while working.

Other Key features

  • 20-inch rip for cutting large material easily.
  • Bevel cuts between 0 and 45 degrees.
  • To prolong the life of the blade, it is fitted with 24T carbide.
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor which no-load speed of 3850 RPM.
  • Fence system, which rips capacity of 610 mm.


  • Has storage space, which is on-board for storing saw guard components and other accessories.
  • Fence adjustment can be made easily and smoothly using rack and pinion fence rails.
  • Has Telescope fence rails, which retract making this table, saw more portable.
  • Ability to adjust rear feet make it easy to level this saw on rough uneven workspaces.
  • Lightweight table saw for easy storage and handling.


  • Does not have a dust collection port.

Wen 3720 table saw

Wen 3720 table saw image
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This is the right table saw for someone looking for a portable table saw that is easy to move when transporting. It is made easy because of the rolling stand, which can be pushed easily by even a kid.

With an impressive rip capacity which is capable of cutting any type of wood; this is the perfect saw for someone who is a contractor or DIY homeowner. A powerful motor that rotates a blade tipped with carbide makes 4400 revolutions per minute producing enough speed for tough cutting.

Another wen 3720 15a job site table saw a feature that every woodworker will love is the ability to adjust the table size using two extensions for both length and width. This means you can cut any wood size without encountering any problem.

For people who have a problem making accurate cuts, this saw enhanced features like a fence which clings firmly on the table and parallel to the rotating blade you can make precise cuts very easily.

To make different bevel cuts, you can adjust the blade angle and height using the tracking knob, which is right in front of the table, saw. Ability to change the blade and add a dado head which can be used to create strong joints is another great feature.

Safety features and accessories packaged with this saw that makes it compact and reliable include-

  1. Miter gauge used in making cuts along with the angles.
  2. Rip stick for user safety.
  3. A sturdy fence which helps to guide the board in a straight line.
  4. Double table extensions for increasing table workspace area.

 Other Specifications

  • Bevels cuts between 0 and 45 degrees from left.
  • Rip cutting capacity of 2 and a half inches.
  • Come s with a powerful motor which is 15Amps.
  • Has a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade.
  • Large working space which is 40 x 35-7/8 inches
  • Weighs about 79 pounds.


  • Two eight-inch wheels for moving bench saw around job site.
  • Dust port, which is two and a half inches for cleaning the dust.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Storage that is onboard for organization accessories that you need.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Manual instructions not clear.

Metabo HPT c10rj table saw

Metabo HPT c10rj table saw picture
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This is our last tables saw review. Despite this saw having few reviews on Amazon, after going through some customer feedback, we found out that this tool is also durable and long-lasting.

Carpenters and contractors who are working on any type of wood i.e. hardwood and plywood this is the right cheap bench saw that you should buy because it is capable of ripping and cross-cutting all these wood types.

If you have to move on a regular basis from one worksite to another, saw bench mobility is very easy with a roll and fold stand. The wheels can move through any rough terrain that can be high or with stones.

Metabo HPT c10rj 10-inch job site table saw has also safety features. The electric brake is capable of stop rotating blade at high speed. It is also easy to use and it is ideal for a homeowner looking for beginner table saws.

 Other Key Features

  • Powerful 15-Amp motor, which delivers 4500 RPMs.
  • Maximum rip capacity is 35 inches to the right and 22 on the left.
  • Can cut 3-1/8 inches cut in 90 degrees and 45 degrees can make 2-1/4 cuts.
  • The blade is fitted with carbide at the tip and has 40 teethes.
  • Large working space 28-3/4″ x 22″


  • The power switch is big for emergency turning off.
  • Stable stand ensures you make accurate cuts without wobbling.
  • Starts with little noise and does not have recoil.
  • In case of an accident, the electric blade is used to stop the blade from rotating.


  • Quite heavy saw bench.

Table saw safety tips

Hoping that you will make the right choice for the best table saw under 500 it is important to understand some of the safety tips that can be helpful when operating a bench saw.

Wear the right gear

You should not wear loose-fitting clothes while operating a table saw, chainsaw or other power tools that rotate at high speed. Someone operating a bench saw should always wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from dust particles that can land in the eyes.

Ensure the workspace is clean

Cleaning a table saw workspace does not only mean clearing all the sawdust that has built up but also removing all the materials and tools that you are not using. A piece of wood that is on the working space can cause a kickback if it comes in contact with the rotating saw blade.

Understand all the safety features

Before you can begin working on any type of saw, make sure you understand all the safety features that can help you in case something goes wrong. There are various safety tools that are integrated into every saw and sometimes they differ. For example, the blade guard is used in preventing the saw from cutting your fingers and hands. Anti-kickback halts the rotating blade when there is a kickback. Make sure you turn all the safety features before starting the saw.

Turn off the saw when not operating

When you are not ripping anything, make sure you turn off the bench saw. Also when changing the blade or making any adjustments turn off the motor.

Have the right posture

best table saw under 500 dollars review
Right posture: Man working with a hybrid table saw

Never stand in front of a rotating blade because if there is a kickback, the blade will rip your flesh. Always stand behind the saw and ensure you have good balance while woodworking.

Use the right accessories

Some woodworkers forget to use some of the accessories that come packaged with the saw bench. For example, you may prefer using a free hand to guide your workpiece instead of using a miter gauge.


Looking at some of the factors we have highlighted and comparing among the six table saws we have reviewed, Bosch gts1031 is our recommended bench saw because it is durable, portable and capable of withstanding tough cutting.

This saw also has safety features like Smart Guard system which is capable of stopping a high-speed rotating blade. Riving knife and Rawls helps in providing total control on your workpiece.

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