Best tile saw for homeowner and contractor-[July 2019] Review

Best Tile Saw For Homeowner
best tile saw for homeowner or contractor

Wondering what is the best tile saw for homeowner or contractor. You are in the right place because we have done all the research for you; all you need to do is choose the saw that suits you better. The type of saws are used to slice tiles into two or more pieces that can fit in the floor because they come in standard size; therefore, some have to be reduced to fit in the floor edges.

If you are a project manager or homeowner who wants to restyle by having the latest tiles in the market in the bathroom floor automatically you will need the right saw that will get the job done. There is a wide range of saws available in the market, which makes it even difficult picking the right tool for your work. However, we have come to your rescue because we have analyzed and picket some of the best tile saws that can do any job. Below is a preview of our top choices.

Product Image Name Key Features Check price
best heavy duty tile saw  
Dewalt d24000s wet tile saw
Weighs only 69 pounds
Compact and easy to carry
Two dual water nozzles
Stainless steel rollers
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best for money tile saw Skil wet tile saw 3550
Best of money
Stainless steel table
Water for cooling
0-45 degree bevel cuts
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professional tile saw Mk 370exp tile saw
Tile saw professional contractors
Precise cutting
Miter gauge 45 degrees
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porter cable tile saw review Porter-cable pce980 wet tile saw
Cheaper tile saw for contractors
Stainless steel deck
3 years warranty
1.0 horse power
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qep tile saw QEP 22400Q Torque Master Tile Saw Cuts ceramic,marble,stone and slate tiles
Made using plastic
Easy to transport
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Tile cutter buying guide


The cost is very important. Actually, this is the main factor one considers when doing any kind of shopping. Budget is usually the amount you are willing to spend on buying something. The good thing about this article is that we have handpicked some of the best tile saws that will cost you less than $300.


It is very important to determine the material you are going to cut when buying because different materials have varying cutting difficult. To cut tiles made using glass, granite, porcelain, ceramic or marble you require saw that is powered by electricity.

Tile material also determines the type of blades that you should also buy. The diamond blade should work perfect cutting any material type.

Project size

The last thing as a contractor you should not think of is getting complains from workers that the saw is underperforming. My simple advice is, get a  saw that will meet your current and future demands. You should put into considerations the projects that are on the way when evaluating the capability of the saw.

However, if you are dealing with a small project and you do not anticipate bigger projects, you can go for a portable small tile saw that is handheld and easy to store.

Type of  tile cutter machine

There are two types of tile cutters. You either choose a dry or wet-dry cutter. The main difference between the two is water which is used to keep the diamond blade cool.

Water is also used in wet tile cutters to cut through hard porcelain material, which always makes the saw to overheat. Overheat is caused by friction which can make the saw not to function well.


Tile cutters storage and ease of transporting is another factor that can guide you when purchasing. Think of a scenario where you are working on a certain project and you have been contracted to put tiles on a building.

As a contractor who is always on the move to the next job, of course, you would love to have a tile cutter that can be moved by one person easily, however, finding such saw is hard. In fact, when I was doing the research on the best tile saw for the money I realized that most customers loved the ones that are easy to move and store occupying a small area.

A person like me who always like working on simple tasks at home I will prefer the best small tile saw because my garage is totally full.

 best small tile saw
working in a full garage

Saws that have their own table or working bench really interested and I found them being the best however they are bigger in size therefore not portable. They may be costly but there is a reason. For example, you purchase a tile cutter that has notable and the next day you will be shopping for a table where you can place the cutter. The table you will purchase will not be customized for a tile cutter so you will experience problems.

If you will prefer cutting tile while seated on the ground, JUST TRY IT. In the evening, your better half will have to massage your back because you will be very tired. So to save yourself all these hassles why don’t you go for the  tile cutters with table.

Top 5 Best tile saws review

Dewalt d24000s wet tile saw

best-wet tile saw available in the market
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If you are a contractor, you must have heard or used Dewalt product at least once. Their products are top notch and the work they do automatically exceeds every one expectation. In case you want, a versatile powerful tile cutter Dewalt d24000s would not disappoint you.

Actually, this is the best-wet tile saw available in the market currently no wonder it made it in our top list. It is a great tool for everyone i.e. contractor or a homeowner who thinks the future will bring bigger projects to work on.

This wet tile saw is not that heavy. It weighs just 60 pounds, therefore; it can be transported easily from one location to another making it the best professional tile saw.

Most of Dewalt tile saws come with stands, therefore, you don’t have to worry about back pain or where you will place it. The stand makes this saw perfect for heavy duty jobs because it provides you with the best working space while cutting tiles.

The price range for this saw ranges from $800 to over $1000.It is a bit pricey but personally, I think it worth. This is the right tool that can last for years without breaking down and the good thing is, Dewalt will give you a warranty once you purchase the saw.

I know as a customer just like me, you must be asking yourself what about if the saw breaks down and warranty is over, where I can purchase tile saw parts like a stand.

Dewalt tile saw parts are available online in most sites like Amazon and even locally in your town. You can even go for cheaper used parts, which can be readily available around you because Dewalt is a worldwide product that everyone loves.

The saw is a 10-inch to ensure it cuts tiles accurately, it has a stainless steel rail system combined into the saw frame.


  • Three-year warranty.
  • 5 horsepower.
  • Comes with its own stand.
  • Compact saw weighing only 69 pounds therefore easy to carry.
  • Cuts tiles accurately.
  • Has stainless rollers, which make the tile saw firm on the ground while working.


  • Expensive compared with other tile saws
  • Perfect for bigger projects and not small ones.
  • Heavy-duty means a lot of noise.

 Skil wet tile saw 3550

Skil wet tile saw 3550
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Most people who are DIY looking for wet tile cutter love this Skil tile saw because it is very affordable compared with Dewalt saws. If you are not ready to spend many bucks on simple and small projects for homeowners this is the right saw.

The makers of this saw ‘Skil’   has a good reputation of making the good quality tile saws that ensure you complete your cutting tasks at home or workplace without spending behold your budget.

There are several great features I love in this Skil wet tile saw. The first feature that really stands out is cutting capability. It can cut tiles from zero up to forty-five degrees, therefore, providing variation for all types of cuts using the bevel rotator. Other types of cuts are cross cut and diagonal cut with a capacity of 7.75-in and 7.25-in respectively.

Skil wet saw also comes with its own table that can be used to cut various type of material because it is resistant to corrosion. While cutting the tiles, Skil wet saw ensures you have an easy time by having water flowing from the reservoir, which cools the blades and reduces the tiles dust.

For home DIYer who is not familiar with cutting tiles, making accurate cuts can be a problem or a challenging task. However, if you purchase this saw or any other model like Skil wet tile saw 3550, it has a variable rip fence with Miter gauge. This rip fence and miter gauge make it easy for you to cut precise and straight cuts.

A quick comparison between this saw and Dewalt tile saw I recommend this for people who are doing simple tasks at home cutting small tiles and not large-scale ones. However, if you want to cut tiles in large scale and work on big projects, this is not the right cutter for you.


  • Water for cooling blades and reducing dust.
  • Stainless steel and non-corrosive table for placing tiles and cutting them.
  • Adjustable ripe fence.


  • Not good for a contractor working on big projects.
  • Less powerful.

Mk 370exp tile saw

Mk 370 tile saw review
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Before I wrote this Mk 370 tile saw review, I personally sampled this great saw. I have a friend who is a contractor. He told me he wanted a wet tile cutter that is cheaper compared with Dewalt brands and should be versatile meaning it should have the power to work in big projects.

I blindly recommended him to purchase Mk 370exp  even though I had doubts because it looks small. However, this saw really surprised us with its power and cutting precision.

This Mk 370 tile saw is lightweight weighing only 33 pounds and very portable making it easy to carry while moving to new sites. It occupies less space when storing in the garage or carrying in a truck.

Despite the small size, this tile saw boasts 1-1/4 horse and it is capable of cutting 18 inches long and diagonally which is a rare capability for a small saw like this one. I cannot forget to comment about its miter system which is 45 degrees.

It has also a blade guard, which is hinged making it easy to change blades and inspect them. I recommend this saw if you are a professional contractor looking for a cheaper saw that has precise, smooth and straight cuts because it has a chrome-plated linear guide bar.


  • Easy to transport.
  • Cheaper compared with Dewalt brand therefore perfect for contractors.
  • 45 degrees miter gauge.
  • Easy to change the blade.


  • Does not have a tall stand
  • Less powerful

Porter-cable pce980 wet tile saw

Porter-cable pce980 wet tile saw
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Renting a saw for a small project like fixing tiles in the bathroom you can have many challenges like working on pressure and paying more for extra days you work. Why pay more yet you can acquire porter cable tile saw, which is less expensive.

This wet tile cutter is the game changer for any Do it yourself, person or tile contractor. It is compact and you will automatically love it good design. The Roll cage is useful when transporting and act as a protection for the cutting part.

While using this saw, you will not wet your clothes because it has a splashguard, therefore manages water well. You do not have to worry about which tiles it can cut. This saw is capable of cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles with great power.

I recommend this saw for homeowners and contractors who are looking for a cheaper wet tile cutter that could work throughout the day without soaking their clothes with water. It is light therefore can be carried from one site to another.


  • Weighs on 32 pounds therefore easy to transport.
  • 3/5 Horsepower.
  • 3 years guarantee.
  • Stainless steel deck


  • Small water reservoir.

QEP 22400Q Torque Master Tile Saw

QEP 22400Q Torque Master Tile Saw
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This tile is for someone who is looking for a plastic tile cutter. I do not recommend this for someone who is a contractor because it vibrates a lot and it can be hard to make precise cuts. However, it can be perfect for a homeowner who does not want the hassle of renting or borrowing tile cutters.

Despite the negative drawbacks, this saw has some features, which I think everyone, can like. For example, it is small therefore occupy less storage space. A diamond blade and 3/5 horsepower is capable of cutting all sizes of tiles made of marble, slate, stone or ceramic, which can be ¾ thick.

The other feature I like about this tile saw is the capability to recycle water. All the water used is recycled to the reservoir, therefore, reducing the amount of water that runs off. It is also capable of supporting large tiles.


  • Portable
  • Does not rust.
  • 45 degrees miter cuts.
  • Adjustable cutting table.


  • Vibrates
  • Poorly designed.


I have reviewed the top five best tile saws, which I think they are the best and currently available in the market. However, at least one stands out in terms of capability and that is Dewalt d24000s. The saw is a bit expensive and heavy but I think it is because it has a tall stand meaning you will not worry about looking for a table for you to start working. Its only wet tile saw I have reviewed that has a stand and dual nozzles for optimal water placement and minimizing spray water.

However, for someone looking tile saw for the money, Skil wet tile saw 3550 is perfect for completing simple home tasks.

Below are some of the questions someone looking forward to buying tile saws seeks answers.

What size wet tile saw do I need?

If you are reading this post, probably you do not own a tile saw and you are wondering which size is perfect. Remember my words below.

TILE SAW SIZE DOES NOT MATTER. What really matters is the size of the blade. Average blade diameter is 8 to 14 inch. Blade diameter usually determines how deep the tile cutter can cut. An 8-inch saw is capable of cutting tiles because most are 1 to 1/8 inches, therefore, go for any size.


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