Best wet tile saw under $300

Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300
Best Wet Tile Saw Under $300 review

In this post, we have put together some of the best wet tile saw under $300 because to find a good quality tile saw for the money cannot be an easy task. Using customer reviews, we have selected top selling tile saws that will not disappoint you.

Why should you buy the best tile saw? To have an easy time while working on your bathroom floor or kitchen wall tiles, you need the right saw that will cut your tiles accurately using less time but precise.

You may think of borrowing a wet or dry tile saw is a better option other than investing several bucks on buying one. You should know that in the future, you would still need to cut more tiles; therefore, getting one for yourself is a good idea. Before you can purchase wet saw, you need to consider several factors but before we list them, below is a comparison table of best wet tile saw under $300.

Table of 5 best wet tile saw 

Product Image Name Key Features Check price
Best tile saw under $300 Skil wet tile saw 3540
Weighs 17.69 pounds
Has non-corrosive stainless steel top
Cooling water reservoir
0-45 degrees bevel cuts
7-inch blade
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good quality tile saw Mk 170 tile saw
Most powerful
Weighs 15 pounds
Comes with 7-inch diamond blade
1/3 motor horsepower with 5500 rpm power
Water reservoir made using thermoplastic
1 year warranty
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ridgid 7 inch wet tile saw review Ridgid 7 tile saw
Weighs 32 pounds
Made using carbon steel
6.5 Amp power source
Check Price on Amazon
ryobi wet tile saw review Ryobi 7 tile saw
Overhead tile cutter
Comes with operator manual
Weigh just 27.6 pounds
Two power source i.e ac &dc
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best wet tile saw   for the money Grizzly T28360 saw
ultra-quiet motor
7-inch cutting blade
Motor power 3450 RPM
Overhead wet tile saw
Dual sliding rails
Check Price on Amazon

What to look for in a good quality tile saw

There are different types of tile cutters available in the market and finding the right tool for your project can be a hard task just like “Pushing water uphill with a rake”. However, we have compiled some of the key guiding factors to look into especially for someone who has never used a tile cutter before.

Cutting capability

Before you can even think of buying a tile saw, first determine the project that is ahead of you because different saws have varying cutting capabilities. For example, someone working on a big tiling project cannot purchase a tile saw that is for someone who does DIY projects.

Using the right saw for a project will save you a lot of time and money. Think of a scenario where you are a professional working on a large project using a small tile saw for DIY projects. The tile cutter will break down and that translates to money loss and time at the same time.

You must be wondering what determines tile saw cutting capability? Right

Tile saw cutting capability is determined by blade diameter, motor speed and moment.

  1. Blade diameter-When purchasing a tile saw, its blade diameter is very important because this is what determines the maximum cutting depth. For example, an 8-inches blade is capable of cutting only 2 inches while a blade 10-inch is capable of extending the depth by 2.4 inches.
  2. Motor speed and moment-Actually, a tile saw power is determined by these two, the speed motor is rotating and its moment force. These two factors generate the required force for grinding tile without experiencing difficulties. Less powerful tile saw will make the tiles to crack and break.

Tile cutter size

You should never leave this one factor for the sake. Do not go for a big wet saw that you have nowhere to keep it or do not have good means of transporting it especially for contractors who are always on move. If you are a Do it yourself (DIY) person you should go for the best tile saw for a homeowner that is portable and easy to operate.

Tiles size can also help you determine the cutter size you need. For someone working with small tiles, you can choose portable tile saw capable of cutting your tile size. It is important to note that what matters in a tile saw is a capability, not the size. The smaller the size the better, however, a tile saw should be capable of doing the work you need to be done with less time.

 best tile saw for a homeowner
broken tiles pieces

Cutting accuracy

Tile cutters have different accuracy features. Everyone would want a wet tile saw that cuts with precision without having to struggle with alignment. For someone who is not professional, picking a tile saw with a laser guide cutting feature or XPS system will help you in making straight and accurate cuts. The laser guide system is more traditional whereas XPS is more recent and modern because it uses LED light to cast a shadow of the blade and user can easily follow.

Tile saw water pump

Water is a scarce resource in some parts of the world, therefore, putting it into good use is a good idea. Wet tiles come with a water pump that produces water for cooling tiles and saw blades. A good water pump should be controllable i.e. adjust the amount of water oozing out.

A controllable water pump ensures you save a lot of water and reduces splash. You cannot like a wet saw that that splashes water on you making all your clothes wet.

Dust containment system

According to , dust particles are capable of causing both cardiovascular and respiratory health problems that can be fatal. Dust also causes eye, skin and throat irritation.

You do not have to risk your life because of choosing a wet saw with a poor dust containment system. Some buyers get it wrong when they buy cheap tile cutters that do not have integrated dust management system thinking they will purchase dust-collecting bags, which are not effective.

A best wet tile saw under 300 should always come with an integrated dust containment system that captures at least 90 percent of debris. Saws that use vacuum dust collection system called cyclone technology are the best because they are more efficient.

Beveling capability

Beveling is an act of cutting bevel cuts which are made on the edges of any tile. Most bevel cuts are 45-degrees however; they can be bigger or smaller depending on the position you want to fit the tile. Bevel cuts are also made to decorate or transition to another floor. A tile saw is capable of beveling in different degrees which help in creating attractive and smooth floor transition.

Using the above key factors, we can clearly state that the best wet tile saw under $300 should be powerful, portable, precise, efficient and dustless. Below is a detailed tile saw reviews for our tops picks.

Best tile saw under $300 review

Skil wet tile saw 3540

Skil wet tile saw 3540 review
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The company behind Skil 3540 tile saw is called Skil which was founded by two partners Edmond Michel and Joseph Sullivan way back in 1926. It’s a well-established company and they are known for producing some of the best heavy-duty saws that are simple and easy to use.

I love several features about this saw. It has a stainless top made of steel, which is resistant to both rust and any other corrosive material. The top is big enough to accommodate a 12×12 inch tile.

It also comes with a diamond-coated blade, which is 7 inch, and it is capable of beveling from zero to 45 degrees. This wet saw weighs only 17.7 pounds making it more portable and easy to operate for someone who does DIY projects. You can easily carry it and takes less storage space.

If you can hardly make accurate cuts, this is the right tile saw for you because it has miter gauge and rip fence features which will help you with accuracy.

Another feature I love is the water cooling system. It has a reservoir that not only cools the blade and tile but also helps in trapping some of the dust reducing the risk of respiratory diseases.


  • Comes with a warranty.
  • It is affordable for even a homeowner.
  • Diamond blade.
  • Seven-inch blade.
  • Powerful motor, which delivers 3600 RPM and requires only 120V ac power supply.
  • Bevel cuts (0-45 degrees).
  • Capable to crosscut up to 7.75-in and diagonal cuts up to 7.25-in.


  • Small Water reservoir.
  • Poor dust collecting system
  • Less powerful for contractors.

Mk 170 tile saw

Mk 170 tile saw review
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For someone looking to purchase a tabletop saw for use at home, Mk diamond 157222 MK-170 is the perfect tile saw. I love several features in this saw and that why it made it to top two in our list.

Mk 170 wet tile saw is very light weighing only 15 pounds. Actually, it is the lightest tile saw on our list. Because it weighs less compared with other tile saws, it is easy to set up this saw and carry.

This saw is more powerful than Skil 3540 tile saw because it has a 1/3 horsepower motor which produces 5500 rpm, which is enough power for cutting different types of tiles.

Another feature is a sliding platform, which ensures you move your tiles near the blade with controlled motion and ensures you make accurate cuts even if you have alignment problems. You should purchase this compact saw if you are a contractor who wants to work on large projects because it is powerful.


  • Light tile saw.
  • 7-inch blade.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Non-corrosive water reservoir.
  • 5500 rpm motor.
  • Rip guide, which is adjustable.


  • Quite expensive for a homeowner.

Ridgid 7 tile saw

Ridgid 7 tile saw review
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If you are looking for a refurbished wet tile saw that looks perfect this is a good deal. It is important to note that all refurbishing products undergo thorough testing and inspection to make sure the product is okay and in good working condition.

However, this saw is quite heavy compared with others. It weighs 32 pounds. This saw is made of carbon steel and the motor is 6.5 AMP. This is the only T-squared saw that i have come across. It slides with less effort when the user makes adjustments.


  • Perfect blade guard to prevent accidents.
  • Adjustable blade alignment.
  • Tiles capable of sliding on the table and not table sliding.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Rough table surface.
  • The blade leaves rough surfaces on the tile.

Ryobi 7 tile saw

Ryobi 7 tile saw review
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Someone looking for an overhead saw that is powerful and that allows different cuts Ryobi wet tile saw is the right one. The overhead feature of this saw makes it more versatile and best for professional use.

The Ryobi wet tile saw motor is capable of producing 1-3/4 horsepower, which is enough power that is capable of cutting through tiles made of different materials.

One thing I love about this saw its water management. The reservoir is used to trap debris and dust, which are filtered so that water can be recycled and get used again.

Once you purchase this tile saw, it will come with a blade, hose and user manual, which will guide you through on how to use it.


  • Awesome design.
  • Tool storage for blades.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Water hose pressure is controllable.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is portable therefore easy to store and carry.
  • Perfect for some DIY projects.


  • A little bit large.
  • Does not come with a stand.
  • The blade is not the best.

Grizzly T28360 saw

Grizzly T28360 saw review
Click here to check price

This is the last best tile saw under 300 in my list. Even though it made the last in my list, it is the best small tile saw in the market. One thing I love about this wet saw is how quiet when operating. It is not noisy because it has an ultra-quiet motor.

This saw is also overhead and it has sliding dual rails, which are very smooth. It is capable of cutting tiles that are 18 inches wide and 1-1/4 inches in thickness.

For someone looking for a DIY tile saw for performing tiling jobs at home, this is the right affordable overhead tile saw available in the market. You will not regret purchasing this tool.


  • The motor is one horsepower, uses 110 volts and delivers 3450 RPM.
  • Blade size is 7’’
  • Maximum cutting length is 18.
  • Weighs only 49lb.
  • Comes with a blade, clamping plate miter gauge.


  • Water from the pump should come next near the tile.


It’s my hope this article has helped you find the best wet tile saw under $300 that can be perfect for the job that you need to complete if you’re a homeowner or professional contract. Remember to keep in mind the factors I have highlighted in this post because that what will help you make the right choice. In case you would love to purchase also a miter saw, I have made a comparison of two miter saws, which are the great i.e. Dewalt Dws779 Vs Dws780.

Related Questions                                                                                      

What is a wet saw?

Wet tile saws are also known as wet tile cutters. As the name suggests, wet saws are used to cut tiles made of marble, porcelain or ceramic. If you have ever worked on a tiling work in your bathroom at home, you must have used a tile cutter.

The reason why people prefer using tile cutters is that they make accurate and precise cuts and you can cut several times using less time.

Wet saws are more improved tiles cutters because they come with a water reservoir, which cools the saw blade, and tile while someone is working with the saw. The water also traps tiles debris and dust particles, which falls.

How long does a tile saw blade last

For someone who has a tile saw or looking forward to purchasing one always wants to know how long does a diamond blade last. Blade live is actually depends on how quality is the blade, which material you are cutting, is your saw dry or a wet saw plus the pressure and tile saw rpm.

If you work on small projects at home, your blade will last longer than a contractor who has a lot of work to do with the saw. A good quality blade being used to do standard work can last over 120 hours of cutting.

When to replace wet tile saw blade

You can know when to replace a wet saw blade by looking at below signs.

  • Vibrations, which are not usual, while using the wet saw.
  • Damages on the saw blade, which are visible, even with naked eyes.
  • Worn out diamond and bond exposing blade steel.
  • Slower cutting speed, which is not usual.
  • Unusual thump noise while working.

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