Dewalt dws779 vs dws780 Comparison: Buyers Guide

Dewalt dws779 vs dws780
Dewalt dws779 vs dws780 comparison guide

Every homeowner who is a DIYer or a contractor looking for a miter saw for cutting tiles or any other material must have heard about Dewalt saws. These saws are commonly used because of their precision in cutting and high power for performing large jobs. The fact that there are different types of Dewalt saws it can get confusing choosing the right one for your job. Because of that, we have written an article that compares two miter saws i.e. Dewalt dws779 vs dws780. Which one is best for you.

You must be wondering why most professional contractors prefer using Dewalt products. The reason is that Dewalt Company is committed to producing tools that increase capacity, deliver accurate and precise results that every professional will like. Their miter saws have not been left behind; they also have the best tile saws available in the market for homeowners and contractors.

Let compare Dewalt dws779 and dws780

Below is a quick comparison table if you are in a hurry. You can click on each to check their latest prize on Amazon.

Parameters Dewalt 779 Dewalt 780
Image Dewalt 779  review Dewalt 780 review
Weight 56 pounds 56 pounds
Miter saw dimension 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches 21.46 x 17.72 x 17.13 in
Power source corded-electric corded-electric
Motor power 3800 RPM motor 3,800 rpm motor
Cross cut capacity 6.75 inch 14 inch
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Before we detail key features in each miter saw, let first determine some of the factors that we should look into when choosing miter saw.

Choosing the right miter saw guide

Several factors can help you choose the right miter saw available in the market. We will use these factors to compare Dewalt dws779 vs dws780.


The price of any miter saw is very important. Some are costly and if they are, behold your budget you will have to look for other alternatives. What makes some saws pricey is the extra features they have or are integrated. For example, a saw that has a stand is more expensive than the one that does not have a stand. Purchasing   Miter saw stand or miter saw table after buying a saw without them can be costly and you may not get a durable one.


Miter saw blades are a very important part of every saw. They determine how accurate the saw performs its work. A good blade should be durable made using the strongest material so that it can withstand cutting any material. Blades also determine the material width they can cut.12 inch diamond blades are the most preferred because they perform there function effectively and they are durable i.e. they last longer.

Miter saw dust collection

A miter saw that does not have a good dust collection system can spew dust everywhere. Even though you can look for dust collection options like cardboard or plastic bins, they cannot be perfect like a dust collection system that comes integrated with the miter saw.

Accuracy features

Every contractor or homeowner working on small projects at home want a drop saw that cuts with great precision and accuracy. A good drop saw should have features that make cutting easy needing less effort. Miter saws with XPS light guided cutting system are the best because they are accurate.

Miter saw motor

Motor power determines how much work the drop saw can do. A powerful motor should deliver over 3800 RPM, which is a great power for even serious contractors with a lot of work to be done. Checking also the saw voltage and wattage is important. Go for a saw that uses fewer volts but delivers more power.

Miter saw reviews

Below is a detailed review of these two miter saws.

Dewalt Dws779 review

Dewalt dws779
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This is the right tool for someone looking for a miter saw which is two bevels sliding compound. It is a 12-inch saw and comes with a positioning system for blades, which ensures you get accurate cuts. Two great features you will like about this saw is horizontal steel rails and linear ball bearings. The rails are for stabilizing clamping while ball bearings make it possible to have accurate and precise cuts. These two features make this miter saw more compact.

Other great key features that we found in this saw

  • Less setting up time.
  • Compact saw.
  • Smooth and perfect cuts.
  • 15-amp motor, which delivers 3800 RPM.
  • Collects 75% of the dust.
  • Cuts with precision.
  • Can work on large projects.
  • Capable of cutting a maximum material of 6.75 inches.
  • Easy to use by home DIYers.
  • Its sliding capability makes it cut bigger width.
  • Dual bevel makes this saw perfect for cross cuts.

What needs to improve?

  • Should come with its own stand.
  • It is quite heavy.

Dewalt Dws780 review

Dewalt Dws780
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Just like Dws779, this saw is also a 12 inch with two bevel sliders integrated with a 15-amp motor, which delivers 3800 rpm. This is the right tool for professional contracts looking for a durable saw capable of working throughout the day without failing.

An amazing feature I love about this saw is an XPS system which is used for positioning and making accurate cuts.

Here are some of the key features I love in Dws780

  • Compact miter saw.
  • Cuts with precision.
  • There are safety measures for the saw users.
  • Comes with a good blade.
  • Amazing extra features for large works.
  • Light guide cuts, which are accurate.
  • Makes less noise.
  • Powerful
  • Easy to adjust.

What I do not like

  • It is heavy therefore it is hectic to transport.

Similarities between Dewalt dws 779 and dws780

These two-drop saws have several similarities. They both weigh 56 pounds and their motors are 15 amp capable of rotating at a speed of 3800 RPM. Their power sources are corded electric with dws 780 requiring 120 volts.

They both have the same cutting capacity and they come fitted with a 12-inch multipurpose carbide blade, which is capable of cutting any material with great precision. Carbide blades are the best because they are durable and lasts long.

Dust collection is another feature. They both have a good dust collecting system that captures at least 75 percent of dust that is generated while working. The dust has health effects on the human body therefore, it should be managed effectively to avoid respiratory problems for someone using a drop saw.

Another similarity is the Double Bevel Sliding Compound feature. A drop saw, which is double bevel, is capable of making compound cuts in two directions i.e. left and right. This means you do not have to flip the piece your cutting but use the pivot arm to flip the saw.

Back fence design in these two-drop saws enables cutting 2×16 dimensions at 90 degrees and 2×12 at 45 degrees.

Difference between dws779 and dws780

Difference between dws779 and dws780
Difference between dws779 and dws780

If you have keenly read the above similarities, you will realize these two drop saws are actually the best in the market and they can deliver great results. There are a few differences that we have managed to pick out and they will determine the best miter saw you should purchase.

Cutting guide system

This is one of the major difference between these two saws. Dws 779 uses a traditional laser-guided system, which has some drawbacks even though it is reliable.Dws780 miter saw model, uses a more advanced XPS system, which is used for positioning when crosscutting to get a free precise and accurate cut line.

XPS system is a recent technology, which uses bright LED light which shines along the blade length. The LED light makes the drop saw to cast a shadow that moves as the blade is in motion. This shadow provides a perfect clear-cut line that can be followed easily.

I would choose saw with XPS system over the traditional laser-guided one because this technology ensures your cuts are more precise and aligned perfectly. However, this XPS system also has its drawbacks. Because the shadow created relies on the LED light, this system may not function well in a place with a lot of light especially outside in broad daylight but when used in house settings, the system will work perfectly.

Miter saw price

There is a huge price difference between these two.Dws780 is costly compared with dws779 with a difference of 200 USD. Not everyone can take this big difference lightly.

The price difference is because of the XPS system. I think Dws780 is a modern version of dws779, which uses a more traditional laser guide cutting. Despite the price difference, I would buy dws780, which is a perfect miter saw for someone who is amateur.

One of the great challenges of using any miter saw is making an accurate cut. Without a good guiding system, it can really be hard to get the alignment correct unless you are a professional carpenter or an experienced DIYer. XPS system helps to reduce the time you waste on maintaining correct alignment however if you think you can maintain correct alignment using laser guide, you can purchase dws779 which is cheaper.

System safety

Dewalt780 is safer than 779 models because it has a transparent blade guard which controls the cutting. You should always keep blade guard in perfect condition because it protects you from accidental injuries, which can be severe or even fatal. Even though the 780 model is not the safest miter saw in the market, it is the best in our today comparison. When buying a miter saw, think of safety features first.


These two Dewalt miter saws are some of the best drop saws available in the market. They are made using the best materials and they are designed to deliver good results for both professionals working on large projects and homeowners who want to complete simple tasks.

Other features are:- easy to use, versatile and powerful. However, there is one big difference between the two i.e. XPS guiding system, which also makes their price to differ.

Dws 780 miter saw has an XPS system that makes work easy for everyone with guided cutting. This right tool for large projects or some who has a problem making accurate cuts. It is my hope this article about Dewalt dws779 vs dws780 will help you make the right choice. The key features such as motor power, blades, cutting accuracy should influence your choice.

Below are questions to this topic.

What is the difference between a single and double bevel Mitre saw?

For someone who wants to buy the best miter saw, he/she should at least have knowledge what bevel means and how to differentiate between single and double bevel. A good buyer will first determine the work he will be doing with the saw before going shopping. Understanding your work will help you in picking the right tool.

Let first understand what bevel means. Generally, a drop saw is capable of cutting material in four different ways. These are-

  • Miter
  • Cross
  • Compound and bevel.

A miter cut is also known as angle cut, which always cuts material at an angle of 45 degrees whereas bevel cuts through the thickness of the material. Therefore, a single bevel miter saw is the one that can only cut through the material thickness in one direction. The saw does not go over 90 degrees. You have to the material your cutting in order to make a bevel cut on the other side.

A double bevel is a saw capable of cutting bevel cut in both sides i.e. left and right. The blade can swing and cut on both sides without having to move the material your cutting.

What is the difference between a miter saw and a compound miter saw?

The main difference between these two types of saws is cutting angles. Miter saw cuts material at different angles. A compound miter is one of the miter saw models. This type of saw has blades that are capable of pivoting from left to right to make angle cuts and flip in one direction to make bevel cuts.

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