echo vs stihl vs husqvarna chainsaw

Echo vs Stihl vs Husqvarna chainsaw: Which one should you buy

Some of the top chainsaws brands that you cannot ignore when making a purchase is Echo, Stihl, and Husqvarna. In this article, we will compare the three saws i.e echo vs stihl vs Husqvarna chainsaw and determine which the best chainsaw brand for you. It is important to note that different brands have their pros and cons and choosing the right tool is very important depending on your needs and preferences. For example, someone looking for a chainsaw for firewood you automatically need a cheap saw that is capable of cutting small tree branches.

Factors to consider in comparison

Below are some of the factors that will help us in doing a comparison of the three chainsaws.

Availability of saw and its accessories

Someone who is new to chainsaws will want to buy a brand that is readily available in the local store. You want a brand that you can easily purchase spare parts in the local store without struggling. Comparing the three brands Husqvarna is the clear winner. This is a big brand whose online presence is more compared with Stihl or Echo.

Every local dealer or retailer stocking chainsaws will have Husqvarna on the selves. Echo chainsaws come second in terms of online presence and they sell products on their website.

The hardest chainsaws and accessories to find are Stihl. On their website, there is no product catalog therefore, you cannot order online or check their price. What they normally give is the local dealer who is just one company in every country, which means you have to be living in the city where the company is located to be able to purchase Stihl chainsaws.

Cost of maintaining the saw

Chainsaw maintenance depends on how the chainsaw is being used. If you are an occasional user, you do not have to do regular maintenance however it is opposite for a chainsaw that is used on regular basis.

If you cannot do the maintenance by yourself, it is important to purchase a chainsaw that has a low cost of maintaining. Comparing the three brands Stihl chainsaws have the lowest maintenance cost while Husqvarna got a bad reputation because they are expensive to maintain. Echo saws are in between the middle.

Power and performance

Power determines the cutting capability of any type of chainsaw. Performance of different chainsaw brands varies from one product to another and this depends on the bar length, engine rating or power.

Stihl chainsaws are perfect tools for cutting tough materials whereas Husqvarna chainsaws are more powerful and their performance is excellent. They are capable of cutting faster even large logs that are tough.

Echo chainsaws are all-round chainsaws. They can be used by professional loggers or homeowners looking for cheap saws for cutting tree branches at home.


Chainsaw portability depends on weight and size. A portable chainsaw is easy to store and carry while sawing. You also do not get fatigued easily when the saw is light. Weight of a chainsaw depends on its type. A chainsaw with a large motor weighs more than saw with a small motor. All three brands make medium, large and small size chainsaws, therefore, it is upon you to choose what tool is perfect for you.


The cost of any chainsaw is very important. Some chainsaws can cost less than 200 dollars while others are expensive costing even 500 dollars. All brands have chainsaws with different prices depending on your needs.


Depending on above factors it is clear that Husqvarna chainsaws are the best to buy because they are widely available and there are various options to choose i.e. cheap, medium and large. Some are even more powerful there perfect for professional loggers.

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