how to cut a large log with a small chainsaw

How to cut a large log with a small chainsaw

Considering the rising cost of fuels, firewood remains as one of the main sources of fuel for homeowners especially in the countryside because they are cheap and affordable. To avoid the cost of hiring someone to cut firewood for you, it is important to know how to cut a large log with a small chainsaw, which is cheaper for someone who has less money to spend on the chainsaw.

Someone who has never used a chainsaw before to cut firewood may think it is a simple task that anyone can be complete which is not true. Cutting logs can sometimes turn fatal and dangerous for even people around you. You need to have the right equipment and tools in place before you can even think of using a chainsaw to cut tree trunks.

Factors to consider before cutting a log with a chainsaw

If you do not want to have, your chainsaw stuck in a log, before you can even think of going ahead with log cutting, consider below factors. They are very important for your own safety.

  • Chainsaw engine power-Power of a gas chainsaw engine is measurable in cubic centimeters. The more cc the more the saw is powerful. Most homeowners purchase chainsaws which are between 24cc to 45 cc. Electric chainsaw power is measured in terms of Amps whereas the ones that use Battery, power can be determined by its voltage. The more powerful the chainsaw is, the easier it can be when cutting a log. I recommend you purchase Husqvarna 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw
  • Chainsaw inch bar and log diameter-a 10 inch to 14 inches bar is capable of cutting a large tree trunk which is under 20 inches in diameter. In case the firewood or log diameter is large than the chainsaw bar and you are using a less powerful chainsaw, there are great chances that you will waste a lot of cutting. Your chainsaw also can stick deep inside the log.

In case you bought a small chainsaw and you want to cut a large tree trunk, you can purchase a longer guide bar. Another trick is making small cuts around the log as you go deep however, you will take a longer time with a small chainsaw.

What you require to cut logs with chainsaw

To ensure your safety while logging, you need to be aware of all the chainsaw safety tips and the right gear in place before cutting the log. Below is what you need.

  • Log cutting standLog stand is very important when cutting firewood. The importance of a log stand is to ensure you have an easy time cutting firewood by avoiding back pains. If you cut a log that is on the ground using a chainsaw, you will have to bend. Bending for a long time can cause back pains and even spine problems. You do not have to purchase a chainsaw stand for cutting logs you can make it yourself at home using available strong pieces of firewood.
  • Safety Boots-For you to cut logs safely, you have to ensure a log that falls accidentally cannot hit toes cannot hit leg toes or ankles. You need to purchase tall logging boots, which will cover your ankles.
  • Chainsaw chaps-These are used to stop the chainsaw from cutting your leg. The chaps have a chain-like fabric that is capable of snarling saw clutch and stopping it.
  • Helmet-Another important logging gear is forest helmet, which protects your eyes, head, and ears. It feels heavy on the head and confining but once it protects you from a falling branch that the day you realize how it is important.
  • Gloves-Logging gloves are very important just like chaps; they protect your fingers because they have a durable strong chain stopping fabric.
  • Cant hook-To turn your logs easily, you will need a hook. This hook is the right one you need to safely turn the logs and ensure your back is safe.

Now that you have the right gear, you need to know how to operate a chainsaw and cut a large log.

How to cut a large tree trunk with a chainsaw

Sometimes back, when I was in the early twenties, I worked in a forest. I often-used chainsaws to fell trees even big ones. I had strategies that really helped me. Actually, for the four years, I worked in the forest, I have never had my chainsaw stuck inside a tree trunk. Am willing to share the tips that I used to share the tricks that work on how to cut a large log with a small chainsaw. Make sure you check out Best chainsaw under 200 we reviewed earlier.

Most people who are forest professionals or home DIY projects really want to know the limit of a tree diameter a chainsaw can cut.

I will tell you the truth.

A chainsaw is capable of felling a large tree trunk even if the saw bar is small in diameter.

How can you accomplish this?

You need to use plunge and fan cuts if you are cutting a log or tree using chainsaws that have a smaller bar. To avoid kickback while cutting large trees, make sure you gently apply the chainsaw and make a bore in the middle of the log or trunk.

Swing the chainsaw guide bar and cut gently the central parts of the tree trunk. Using dual boring cut both sides of the trunk and use a corner method, which is safe for felling the large tree.

Make sure you have a good escape route before undertaking the above procedure because you might be required to run away from a falling tree, which is common. Sometimes, your chainsaw can stick inside the tree trunk. So what should you do?

How to get a chainsaw unstuck

Chainsaw stuck in a tree can be because of cutting too deep inside the tree trunk and due to pressure, the saw bar gets closed up. Even the logs that are on the ground or in a raised stand, if you cut them on top first, there is a possibility of sticking your chainsaw. You should cut the log from below then end with the top part.

If your chainsaw stick inside a tree trunk or log, don’t pull you’re the saw because you can damage the saw bar. The right tool to use is a splitting wedge. I recommend wedges chopped from woods because they cannot damage the chainsaw bar like metallic ones.

What a splitting wedge does is opening the cuts that have been made on the tree trunk or a log on the ground. You can use a large sledgehammer to force the wedge inside the cut. You can purchase spiked wedges that are green in color because they are visible.


Cutting a large tree trunk or log using a small chainsaw is no longer a hard task if you follow the right procedure. It is easy if you have the right gear and logging tools like spiked wedges. It is my hope that my article on how to cut a large log with a small chainsaw will help you in your logging endeavors.

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