How To Cut Tile Without A Wet Saw

How to cut tile without a wet saw

For someone who has never bought or used a wet saw, you will always think it is a complicated large tool that one needs manual and tutorials to operate. However, tile cutters are easy tools that can be used by DIYers and professional contractors.

There are two types of tile cutters, these are wet saw and dry saw. Wet saws are the ones that are commonly used because they have several advantages. For example, wet saws have a water reservoir, which cools the diamond blades therefore, they are most preferred for large projects. For a homeowner who wants to fix tiles in the kitchen or bathroom for one day, you can use dry saws, which are less powerful.

Wet tile saws are quite expensive especially for someone who is not a contractor. If you think of renting one, you can end up spending more than you estimated. However, you can cute tile without using a wet saw. This article will detail some of the tools you can use to cut tiles.

Cutting tile without a wet saws

Wet tile cutters are mostly preferred tools when you have many tiles to cut; however, there are dry tile cutters that can be used for small jobs. Explained below are some of the tile cutters tools you can use at home.

Tile Nippers

You must be wondering what is a tile nipper. Nipper or tile nipper is a tool that is used to remove some parts of a hard material like a tile so that it can be able to fit in a shape that is irregular. However, tiles that need cuts that are straight, tile cutters are used.

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Nippers are used just like nail clippers because they are used to trim excess tiles part. Below is the procedure you can use to cut tiles with nippers.

How to use tile nippers

  • Using a pencil, mark a line to indicate the area you want to cut. You can use a grease pencil in case the tile is shiny and smooth. If you want to cut around or semicircle shape, you can use a compass attached with a pencil to make a clear curve.
  • Along the line, you have drawn with a compass or ruler, score it using a knife.
  • Place the marked tile between the nipper’s prongs and compress the handles together to remove the small tile slivers.
  • Nip of the tile part until you near the line you scored and take small bites so that you will not remove parts that should not be removed.
  • To smoothen the chopped edges you have to use sandpaper to remove all sharp edges.

Carbide Pencil

Carbide pencils can be used to score and cut thin tiles that are ceramic. Using the pencil tip, score the tile so that you can create a point where it can break I.e. snap into two pieces.

In case, you want to cut tile that is thick and hard, this method is not perfect you will need to use a wet saw. Here is an example of a carbide pencil.


Wet saws can be used to cut any type of tile however, you get better results if you cut materials such as marble, granite, porcelain and glass tiles. Wet saws are fitted with diamond blades that need to be replaced therefore it is costly to own one.

For someone who is working on small projects at home, you can use tile nippers and pencil to cut tiles. You don’t have to rent or buy a huge tile saw just to fit tiles in your home.

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