Pros and cons of sliding miter saw

Pros and cons of sliding miter saw
Sliding miter saw buying guide. What are the pros and cons?

If you are thinking of buying a sliding miter saw or not, you probably need to understand the pros and cons of this tool first before making a purchase.

In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of sliding miter saw and review the best one that is suitable for home or commercial use.

What is a sliding miter saw

Before we go into details let first know what is a sliding miter saw. It is a standard compound miter saw, however, it has the capability of cutting through wide pieces of materials like logs and boards, etc. They have a sliding rail where the saw moves the head back and forth while cutting a workpiece. The sliding feature is the one that increases the cutting capacity of a sliding miter saw.

Just like a compound miter saw, sliding saws have the capability of making double or single bevel and miter cuts that are precise.

Actually, miter saws have the same operating principles. Their differences stand out depending on the blade head and size. A miter saw that has a blade capable of tilting gives the saw operator ability to cut various angles.

Blade head

Sliding miter saw blade head is not stationary like it is in a standard miter saw. The blade head is usually attached on rails that enable the head to slide or roll making wide cuts efficiently.

Blade size

miter saw blade sizes
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The thickness of a workpiece a miter saw can handle is dependent on its blade size. Most miter saw blade size is between 7.5, 10 or 12 inches. The commonly used blade size is 12 inches because it can be useful in performing various types of works like cutting wooden poles, fences, pipes, etc.

It is advisable to pick a miter saw with large blade size and one that is capable of sliding for bigger projects however, the price increases with blade size.

What are their uses?

Do you really need to buy a sliding or any other type of a miter saw, first you need to understand when this tool is useful?

Undoubtedly, a miter saw is a very great and important tool that make versatile cuts which cannot be done by any other saw. However, there are some factors to consider before buying.

All woodworkers need sliding miter saw at least once in their projects especially when making crosscuts. If you want to make picture frames, window frames or doors automatically, you will have to cross cuts on the pieces of wood you are working on. The only tool that is capable of making crosscuts is a miter saw.

What are their pros and cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of sliding compound miter saw.


  • Sliding miter saws are capable of cutting wide workpieces without the need of repositioning the material you are working on because it can slide on the rails.
  • They are perfect for projects that involve cutting bevel and miter cuts on a wide board because you can make compound bevel cuts without having to flip your workpiece.
  • If you buy a sliding miter saw with laser, making accurate and precise cuts can be very easy especially if you are not a professional woodworker.


  • Sliding miter saws are more expensive compared with other types of miter saws. If you are not sure how you will be using the tool, it can turn out to be not necessary for you.
  • Because sliding compound miter saw have the ability to move forward and backward, you will require more space to operate them.


I hope these pros and cons of a sliding miter saw will help you in choosing the right tool that can cater to your needs. Dewalt makes some of the best miter saws available in the market. You can actually read this comparison Dws779 Vs Dws780 that we wrote earlier to understand more about different types of miter saws.




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