Shop fox w1837 vs grizzly g0771z: Which is the best hybrid table saw

Shop fox w1837 vs grizzly g0771z
Which is the best hybrid table saw

There are different types of hybrid table saws available in the market and finding the right one can be challenging. One of the easiest ways of picking the right hybrid saw is by comparing two that are among the top best.

In our article today, we will compare two table saws i.e. Shop fox w1837 vs grizzly g0771z. Our main aim is to determine which one between the two is the best hybrid table saw for both workshop and home use. Below is a quick comparison table if you are in a hurry.

Name Shop fox w1837 Grizzly g0771z
Image shop fox w1837 review grizzly g0771z review
Weight 260 pounds 310 pounds
Blade size 10 inch 10 inch
Voltage 120V/240V single-phase 120 v single phase
No Load motor speed 3450 RPM 3450 RPM
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

What is a hybrid table saw

Normally most people confuse a hybrid table saw and cabinet table saw. It is even harder to differentiate between the two especially if you are a  beginner woodworker.

A hybrid table saw is a stationary table saw that is between a cabinet and contractor saws. This means that hybrid table saws look like a modernized and expensive cabinet table saw with it motor inside. A hybrid table saw can also look like a cheap “contractor saw”.

Some of the most popular table saws bought by many woodworkers are Grizzly table saw, Shop fox table saw and Dewalt table saw. All these three companies have all saw types i.e. hybrid, contractor and cabinet table saws.

Shop fox w1837 review

Shop fox w1837 table saw picture
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Shop fox w1837 is a hybrid table saw that has an open stand and it is easy to transport. You are likely to confuse this saw for a high-end contractor table saw which has improved dust collection system.

As most of the shop for cabinet saws, W1837 hybrid table saw comes with an easy to change blade guard and anti-kickback pawls for protecting the saw operator.

Once you set your eyes on this saw, you will automatically notice the handy mobile base that is firm. When foot levers are pushed down the saw rises off its feet then you can easily move from one place another.


  • Powerful 2 horsepower motor that requires 120v/240 volts single-phase power source.
  • Weighs only 243 lbs.
  • Has a rip capacity of 15 inches to left and 30 inches to right.
  • Motor no-load speed of 3450 RPM.
  • Blade diameter is 10 inches.
  • The blade is capable of tilting to the left.

Grizzly g0771z review

Grizzly g0771z table saw picture
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If you are looking for a hybrid table saw that has both contractor and cabinet saw features, you ought to choose a grizzly g0771z. This saw has 4-inch dust port and cast iron trunnions that are tough and heavy.

It also comes with a powerful two-horse power motor that is capable of ripping through all hardwoods and it can cut dadoes also. Just like a contractor saw, this saw is lightweight and can be moved easily.


  • The motor is a two-horse power and requires 120v/240 volts single-phase electricity.
  • Motor no-load speed of 3450 RPM.
  • A left Rip capacity of 16-3/4 inches and right capacity of 31 inches.
  • Table height: 35-3/8 inches.
  • Overall weight is 371 lbs.


This is now the step where we will do a detailed comparison between grizzly g0771z vs shop fox w1837 hybrid table saw and determine which one is the best. Some of the key factors that will guide us are-

  • Budget
  • Safety features
  • Cutting capability.
  • Portability and mobility
  • Dust control
  • Extra features


Hybrid table saws are some of the most expensive tools every woodwork needs in a workshop. They are very costly but we should not pick a less expensive tool that does not have safety features.

Comparing these two table saws, we find out that they actually cost almost the same. Shop fox w1837 is more expensive costing more than $80.

Safety features

In the United States only, a study showed that between 2007 and 2008 over 79,500 injuries related to table or bench saw were treated in hospitals.

A further breakdown on the data indicates that 95 % of the reported cases, the saw operator was injured and 88% of the injuries were because of blade contact, therefore, it is very important to check hybrid table saw safety features before making a purchase. Below are some of the safety features you should look for and do the comparison.

Blade guard

A high speed rotating saw blade could rip off your hard if they came in contact. To prevent this most table saws and miter saws have blade guard that covers the blade while operating the saw.

Comparing these two hybrid table saws, we determined that they both have a quick release blade guard. However, shop fox w1837 has a more advanced clear blade guard that makes it possible for the saw operator to watch how the blade is cutting the workpiece. The guard is able to prevent accidental contacts with the blade while also keeping away small wood chips that can fly and pierce your eyes.

Riving knife

Another safety feature in hybrid saws is riving knife also known as a spreader. This is a piece of metal that helps in preventing small pieces of wood that have been cut from a workpiece from getting at the backside of the blade resulting in a kickback.

The other function of a riving knife is preventing two workpieces that have been cut apart from closing up causing the blade to get stuck. In case the blade gets stuck it can result in a kickback.

Both hybrid saws have a riving knife and they can be changed easily without consuming a lot of working time.

Anti-kickback pawls

Anti-kickback pawls
Image of Anti-kickback

Anti-kickback pawls comprise of two tiny saws that are attached together and they have sharp teeth. They are used to prevent kickback in that when you push a workpiece on top of the saw,the pointed teeth will run on the top of the wood.

Kickbacks are the most common source of saw injuries including even chainsaws. A hybrid saw without anti-kickback pawls can be risky to operate. Unfortunately, grizzly g0771z table saw does not have Anti-kickback pawls, therefore, this saw is not a good one especially for someone who is a woodworker beginner.

Cutting capability

Hybrid table saw cutting capability has several determinants. They include-

Motor horsepower

The unit used to measure motor power is horsepower (HP). Hybrid table saw horsepower is very important because it determines the amount of work the saw can do in a specified time.

A table saw with a lower HP means it will take a lot of time to cut through materials whereas the one with more than required horsepower can also be risky to operate because it can lead to inaccurate cuts and even fatal accidents.

Both grizzly g0771z and shop fox w1837 have same two horsepower motors that require 120V/240V single-phase electricity to operate. The two are standard hybrid table saws for use at a Jobsite or at home.

Blade sizes

Most common hybrid table saws and cabinet saws use 10-inch blades however; some have smaller blades like 8 inches. Blade size determines how deep you can make cuts on a workpiece.

Most miter saw and table saw blades are carbide tipped. If you have never used a table saw before you must be, wondering what I mean by a carbide-tipped blade.

This is a blade that has carbide on the teeth. Carbide is material is mainly titanium or tungsten and the reason why it is added on the blade is that it does not get blunt easily i.e. the teeth’s are capable of remaining sharp for a very long time.

These two saws both come with a 10-inch x 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade, which is capable of ripping hardwoods.

Portability and mobility

Every woodworker wants a portable hybrid table saw that can be moved easily from one place to another without requiring much labor. Mobility of a saw depends on its base design. If it does not have wheels at the base, it means the only way to move the saw is by carrying it using either a wheelbarrow or a stand that you will have to buy. Bench saw weight is another factor also to consider.

Shop Fox W1837 weighs 260 pounds and it has a built-in mobility system that is operated using feet. This is different when it comes to grizzly g0771z table saw that has no in-built mobility system. The only way you can move the saw is by purchasing an adjustable mobile base that will cost you more than $70.Apart from not having a mobile base, the saw is heavier weighing 310 pounds.

Dust control

According to Osha long-term effects of wood dust exposure includes dermatitis, respiratory disease asthma, mucosal and even cancer. With that in mind, it is very important to buy a saw that has integrated dust control mechanisms.

Both table saws have a built-in dust control system. They have enclosed bottom cabinets that have 4-inch dust ports for collecting all the dust while working.

Extra features

These two table saws have some similarities in terms of extra features. For example, they both have lift-off fence system with rear and front locking capability. The two are also capable of making dado cuts when you replace the blade with a dado blade. I actually love grizzly table saw fence adjustment because it can be done easily.

Another common feature between the two saws is T-slot miter gauge that is perfect for blade alignment.

In terms of making bevel and miter cuts, shop fox w1837 blade is capable of tilting which is not possible with grizzly g0771z table saw

My verdict

Without further discussion, it is clear which the ultimate best hybrid table saw between Shop fox w1837 vs grizzly g0771z. Shop fox table saw w1837 wins because of several key features. They include:-

  • It is lighter
  • Easy to move from one place to another because it has inbuilt mobility system.
  • The blade is capable of tilting to make bevel cuts and miters.
  • Has Anti-kickback pawls
  • Transparent blade guard.


I hope this article will help you in choosing the right hybrid table saw by keeping the key guiding factors in mind before making a decision. They are costly tools, therefore, you need to choose wisely to avoid regrets.

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