Everything you need to know about underwater chainsaw

underwater chainsawUse of chainsaws under the water is something most people do not know if it even exists. It happens on rare occasions and when you need an underwater chainsaw that the time you head online to get more information about these unique types of chainsaws.

Before you can begin using a hydraulic chainsaw or underwater saws, first you need to become an experienced diver by undertaking training classes in hydraulics and salvage.

In this article, we will not discuss all the underwater power tools but only concentrate on a pneumatic chainsaw or what is also known as a hydraulic chain saw.

Do you really need this tool?

Hydraulic powered chain saw are for cutting all types of wood materials under the water. For example, bridge pilings and dock timbers. It is very important to note that electric or gas powered chainsaw cannot operate under the water. You will require a compressed –air powered chainsaw.

Different types of water chainsaws

Underwater chainsaws are not very popular and you cannot easily find them in any household. There are two types of chainsaws.

Hydraulic chainsaws

These types of chainsaws do not work like others. A liquid that is under high pressure rotates the chain of this saw. Petrol or electric pump connected using hoses is used to rotate the liquid in the hose which in turn rotates the chain.

This type of chainsaw has an advantage because it can be submerged under the water and still operate well.

It is also lighter because it does not carry it motor or any fuel. Another interesting fact about hydraulic chainsaws is that the chain rotates in the opposite direction which is different from other chainsaws. It  operates in the opposite direction in order to prevent clogging of dust particles

Pneumatic chainsaws

These types of chainsaw are almost similar to hydraulic. However, they have one main difference. Instead of using liquid, they use compressed gas or air.

Normally, these types of chainsaws are less powerful because it is very hard to maintain air under high pressure.

Which one should I buy

There are several different types of underwater saws. The most popular are Stanley hydraulic chainsaw and Greenlee Fairmont HCS820 saw. You can check Stanley chainsaw price on their website. This saw has a robust design and produces enough torque giving divers enough speed for cutting tough timbers easily.

REL-CS16 Underwater Hydraulic Chainsaw

REL-CS16 Underwater Hydraulic Chainsaw
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This is a product made in the USA. The chain and bar can be adjusted easily without having to remove the sprocket cover. Adjusting automatic oiler also does not require any tools. If you need also to clean sprocket cover, it can be removed easily. The chainsaw is lightweight measuring half weight a normal chainsaw weighs.

Key features

  • Reduced kickback.
  • Has a chain catcher.
  • Rear handle guard to protect saw operator knuckles and hands.
  • Flow range of 4-8 GPM.
  • 16-inch cutting capacity.


Even though these underwater chainsaws are not very popular, sometimes they are needed to perform underwater sawing.

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